Sunday, January 01, 2006

Vision for 2006

On Friday we were out doing some banking in Eugene late afternoon, and decided to call the Bashors to see what was up. they were going to go to see 'Narnia', and wondered what should be done for Grandma. So we stopped there and picked her up to come spend the evening with us.

On the way home, my contact started bothering me quite a bit. So I popped it out. Then we got stopped at the railroad track for a train. So I dug in my purse and got out the wetting solution. Put the contact back in, but it immediately starting hurting again. But I couldn't get it back out, and it hurt extremely -- like something was stabbing my eye. I was crying and trying to get it out all the way home. I'm not sure the car was even stopped in the garage before I was out and in the bathroom -- working on getting it out. It finally came, with some pain.... but it was only 3/4 there! We couldn't see any more of it there, but my eye still hurt (though not nearly as much).

Poor Grandma! I took her into the living room and turned on all the Christmas lights so she could see my magical room. We sat and talked for awhile, but I was distracted by the discomfort and by the greatly diminished vision in that eye. I didn't know if that sharp little piece of plastic in my eye could do major damage or not. I finally told Grandma I had to call the doctor. Got the doctor on call and told him the problem. He said I should go to urgent care -- that I shouldn't take chances with my eyesight. So we took Grandma back home and went to the Urgent Care on 13th and Willamette. We waited there for over an hour to be seen.

The doctor did a thorough check, and said there was nothing there except a scratch, which would cause the discomfort, but should be okay by the next day. So we paid our $25 Co-pay, and went back home.

He was right, by the next day my vision was back to normal, and it felt better, but I still felt there was something there, even thinking I could feel something floating around in there at times. When I closed my eyes tightly and when I looked to one side or the other, I thought I could still feel something there, but....

Then this morning my vision was a bit cloudy briefly, and I went in to look at my eye in the mirror, and what did I see, but the piece of contact! It took a little time, but I got it out!!

I had been thinking I needed to get an eye appointment, and upgrade my glasses and contacts because my vision hasn't been good for awhile. Now I know I need to do that! My glasses haven't been changed the past couple of times I got a slight contact change, so they really aren't doing the best job for me. I'll be calling an eye doctor this week and will hopefully get in soon for an exam and the means for better vision for 2006!!