Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wandering with Jack

On Sunday afternoon May 6, Grandma Whittaker was visiting Jack and his mom and dad.

Beth and Matt wanted to do some yard work, so Grandma got to wander with Jack. It was a fun time! Here he is looking at ants. He said, "Oh Wow!"

"Are you coming?"


Then he went over and sat on his Daddy's lap to enjoy some time with him and get some tips on gardening....

Picking dandelions was a great delight, but it was even more fun kicking and stomping on the fuzzy ones!!

The boy and his dog!

Dear Jack and John Deere

When visiting Jack last week, I took a John Deere tractor for him to see and play on. It was too expensive to keep, but it was fun to see him with it. I took LOTS of pictures (of course!! you aren't surprised are you?) Here are a few:

Jack's new quilt and book

These pictures were taken when Jack first got his quilt and book from Grandma:


I have lots more pictures, but these were some of the best ones. It was a fun day!