Friday, October 29, 2004

Visitors Coming!

If all is going as planned, Grandma B. and Jeff are now on their way south to visit us. Jeff will help me do some prep for the coming furnace install, Grandma visit with mama. I guess Grandma is having some trouble with 'shingles' and has little energy, but thought she could handle the trip. Now the question is, do I let her read Joann's poem about her? Mama and I got a good 'hoot' over it, but not sure if Grandma would like knowing her story has become a 'blogger legend' in poetic form . . . perhaps we'll have Jeff read it and give his opinion as to whether to show it to Grandma.

Have a great day! I'm off school today as the gym gets set up for the annual Harvest Party tomorrow evening.

God bless to all

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

More ideas...

Just remembered, I also want:

Five O'Clock People - The Nothing Venture and
Batboy: the Musical CD's...

You'll probably only be able to find them online through ebay or

"Burnt Toast"

This one is a little more pleasant than the last two...woot.

"Burnt Toast"

Oh the crunchiness of leaves!
like jumping on burnt toast
or munching stale tortilla chips.

Dangerously charcoal skies
compliment crimson trees,
like the day I first tasted
hot apple cider, curled up
with Ma and Pa Ingalls,

waiting for twilight –
the ideal time to don
my ratty old Converse
and appease the crisp leaves
beside the driveway –

dying to be crunched.

"Pulling Teeth"

Here's an experience that at least the three sisters can share...maybe Daddy too? I'm hoping the rest of you will be able to understand a little better this experience and the rest of us will feel a little remembered pain:)

"Pulling Teeth"

Toes curled, stomach held taut,
fingers frantically grasping clinical arms –
“Towards me, a little – perfect.”
His finger rests on half numb lips,
like kissing a perfect white balloon.

“Love cuts like a knife”
ironically blaring over the screaming
whirs and hungry vacuum sucking
the water spraying an unfeeling chin.

The smell of rancid infection –
of too much food stuck for years
beneath the silver head of that molar,
now burning – like wet pavement
behind a fast food restaurant.

Mind over matter.
Gradually the pushing and pulling
become undulating waves on a beach.
Rubber gloves become lips – a mysterious
fantasy man leans in, creaking…

Worse than fingernails on the blackboard.
A mighty twang from somewhere near
the cheekbone, like pulling a long hair
from the back of the throat.

For weeks a funky mucous flavors
the mouth, but
try as you may,
the mystery and the molar
are shattered, gone.

"Grandma Borovec"

Here's my darkly comedic poem written after I read William Stafford's poem about a similar experience:

"Grandma Borovec"

Clara’s ancient fingers grasp the shovel
hovering over the rounded belly
of the dead opossum resting resigned
in the rusty wheelbarrow – surely
they won’t last a day on their own.

Flea-ridden, squinting eyes, squirming,
caught in the innocent pouch
of their late mother’s rigid flesh.

Clara remembers her own pregnancies.
Six of them – weighing down her petite
five-foot frame with their tiny demands,
restless sleep, and beginning tap steps.

Long after her first husband succumbed
to Lou Gehrig’s, her second was crushed
by his tractor, and she found him
much like this opossum –
pregnant with life, but unable to finish
mowing the last acre. But there –

whack! – will be – whack! – no –
whack! whack! – prolonged agony –
whack! for these tiny – whack! – beings.
Whack! whack! whack!

But sleep will elude Clara –
envisioning the pious lives those
‘possums could have lived
had their mother survived
to wean them and teach them
how to scuttle across the road
without getting whacked.

Christmas Christmas!

Well, I'm busy as ever...and typing is such a hastle...sorry! Short update is: donated blood today...the lady bruised my arm; the whole in my mouth is gradually becoming less of a chasm and more of a plain; I'm directing a ten minute play for my directing class; I'm leading a serve trip the third week of my Christmas break to the Seattle area; I'm writing lots of poems for my writing poetry class...of which I will post three for you...Here's my preliminary Christmas list:
Fun Socks (as always)
Black and white Converse high-tops with red stitching and red on the inside (size 7 1/2 mens)
Fiddler on the Roof
Sound of Music
Anne of Green Gables (and the rest)
Muppet Christmas Carol :)
Napoleon Dynamite (if it comes out in time)

That's all I can think of for now...
here comes the poetry...

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Junction City Happenings . . .

It's been awhile since my last post, so thought I'd add what I've been up to . . . let's see - lots of projects to do, a few done. On the done side - attic fans properly exhausted so insulation can be added, hole cut in concrete footing wall for adding natural gas heating to the house (I'm doing some of the prep work to save money - the contractor comes Nov. 9th to start the job, then attic insulation on Nov. 19th, unless I decide to do that myself with some help), cleaned up garage with mama's help so that 'Jewel' now fits, put up extra TV antannae to improve reception, trimmed tree and chopped up branches and took to recylce center, put in a bathroom vent fan, put mirror over the mantle, measured for piping to natural gas furnace and water heater, and installed futon in 'den'. To do list is longer and growing - but it's sort of fun doing these things and it keeps me out of trouble. My brother Jeff and grandma B. are coming Friday - Jeff is helping do some of the prep work before the heating contractor arrives. They go home Saturday.

My class at school is going well - we went to a pumpkin patch last Friday - had a damp hay ride, watched a catapult throw a pumpkin, paraded through the pumpkin patch, chose a pumpkin and some gourds to take home, and explored the 'hayflower' - an outline of the actual size of the Mayflower made with bales of straw, including a center area built up to represent the inside part of the ship - makes one appreciate the tight quarters the Pilgrims had to spend over two months enduring. This coming Saturday is the Harvest Party.

Mama's trying to put together a family get-together for her sisters and brother at our place before Thanksgiving. I'll try to let you know when/if it works out so you can join us if schedule allows.

Tim doesn't have consistent internet use, so will update what I know about him - he is currently homeless, staying with a friend until an apartment opens up. It appears he will be in a studio apartment next door to Jaden Hurtienne. Due to Jaden's current reputation, that could be a challenge for Tim, but he's hoping it will work out OK.

Time for church so I'd best go for now. We are and will be praying about the job possibilities, Andy - such as the UPS one on Wednesday. I've heard they are a fairly good place to work as far as pay and benefits are concerned. Marie once worked for them for a short time.

God bless to all!!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Lentil Soup!!

I made it today for the first time since January ’03, and it tasted as good as ever! (Remember how good it is, Danny?!) It just seemed like a good thing to have on this rainy, cold Saturday. When I told Jim that I was thinking of making it and asked him if it sounded good to him, to my surprise, he answered, “Yuck!” I said “Really?!!” and he laughed and said not really, but since we don’t have any kids around to say it, he said it for them!
Too Funny What a guy!!

Friday, October 22, 2004

Job Interview

I have a job interview with UPS on Wednesday morning. Wish me lunch. :-)


Make sure your sound is turned up, and that you have a recent version of Windows Media Player installed, then watch this commercial! If your computer is slow to download and shows you glimpses of this commercial as it does so, don't watch! It is much funnier if you see it all at once and for the first time. Enjoy! :)

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Blessings and Fun!!

First off, THANK YOU DANNY FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS LIST. This is a good place for all of us to post that. Let's all start working on it (me, too!)

If you talked to Beth, she could tell you that I don’t sound like myself. I caught a cold that has left my voice lacking something. Sometimes I squeak, and sometimes the voice doesn’t want to come out at all. Other times it’s almost normal, but not really…. I also have a cough that’s pretty bad at times, and other times it doesn’t bother me at all. What a blessing this has been! Yes! I meant to say that! I haven’t felt sick, but I didn’t feel like I should be around people – especially baby Isabella. So I haven’t been able to go into Eugene to help Grandma with her babysitting job. That means that I’ve been able to stay home and get some things done around here! I’ve loved it! Of course there are still things to be done, but I’ve made some major progress. Today I even put up my Fall decorations.

Tonight (Wednesday) we had home group here at our house. It was sort of a housewarming for us. It was fun! So I spent the day cleaning and baking, etc. There were 13 people here including us, and it was very comfortable, with room for more. We visited and ate after everyone had a tour of the house. Then we had worship and prayer time. They started that with a prayer of blessing on our house and us. They also gave us a nice potted Mum and a bowl of chocolates (M-m-m :^). We really enjoyed the evening.

I have to tell you that this home group has one guy in it who plays the guitar and leads worship. He also brings a box full of percussion ‘instruments’ – like shakers (one looks like an apple), bongos, a hollow gourd with grooves on the side that you run a stick up and down, etc. Well last night I got out my own instrument…. The alligator from Papua New Guinea! Danny and Betsy will remember giving that to us. Up to this point it’s just been a decoration, but I actually played it last night! Fun! Can you imagine that?!

I love you all and pray for you always. I know you're all busy, but it would be good to hear from some of you silent ones.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Christmas list

WOW, this is weird thinking of doing Christmas lists! It is way too warm to be thinking about Christmas! Though today as I was getting on the elevator to head to work I had the short thought that I was forgetting my coat! It has been a gray day with scattered rain today, and this morning it just looked like a cool winter morning back there. It sure didn't feel like it though!

Well, anyway, Mama asked for Christmas requests and I thought I would just post it here so all could see! This way I can edit it easily too!

The Board Game Settlers of Catan
  • There are also expansion packs that would be fun to add:
  • 5+6 player pack
  • Knights + Cities
  • Seafarers
  • Probably other expansions as well.
An electronic reader
  • I am hoping to find something that I can use for a Bible
  • I want to be able to have a small Bible to carry with me that will allow me to have it and read it in weird places (walking to school, riding the bus, etc.)
  • It would be good if it had a battery that could be charged like a cell phone.

We'll add others as we think of them!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Life is Good!

Hello everybody! It’s been awhile since anybody added anything here. ‘Guess it’s my turn to speak up, huh? Today I got to stay home and work on getting more things settled here. I loved it! I dug into the garage first and moved a few items of furniture into the house, put some things by the stairs to go up into the attic, and started a garage sale box. Then I had to do some work in my bedroom – putting away some of the things I had brought in. At 2:30 I went out into the glorious sunshine and walked over to the school – just for the fun of it! I hung around with my honey for awhile, then rode with him to a local bank (we’re considering moving our banking to a bank here instead of having to go into Eugene to make deposits, etc. But there are no credit unions here, and we don’t like the bank policies, so I guess we’ll stay at the Eugene credit union for now. I go into Eugene a couple of times a week anyway to spend time with my mom, so I can do the banking then.)

When we got home, your dad helped me move the old radio into the living room, then we worked on collecting limbs that he had cut off our tree yesterday. He’ll have to make a trip to the recycle center in Eugene tomorrow to get rid of it. We’ll have a van full! He also has a full garbage can of grass from mowing the lawn.

After a dinner of soup (which was NOT the best soup I’ve ever made!) I sat in the den (on our new Futon) and flipped channels while he played with the antenna to see where we get the best reception. We now have two antennae, and get about 18 channels. Several of those are duplicates, so we’ll be eliminating the weaker ones when we have the time for that.

Tonight I cut up pears to dry and have them in the food dryer now. And now I’m thinking of all of you. I pray for you always – was praying for Joann this morning at 8:45 when she was supposed to be at the dentist having an extraction done. I hope that wasn’t too terrible for her! I pray for all of you for God’s protection, provision, wisdom, blessing and joy in your lives.

Tomorrow I plan to go shopping with Grandma and Aunt Kris. Grandma has been babysitting Isabella 4 days a week – Monday through Thursday. It’s been a good diversion for her, I think, but it gets to be a bit much for her to be alone all day with her. So on the days that Kris is working, I try to go in for awhile to help. Of course I love getting that opportunity, too. Isabella is a sweet and very cute baby. It’s fun. I wouldn’t want to do it every day, though.

Yesterday I had 3 lady friends from church come have lunch with me. We had Chicken Salad Honolulu, and they all loved it. After we ate, one of them was talking about how someone had asked her if she ever thought of dying her hair. She’s about my age, but has gray hair. So we got my blonde wig out and put it on her. It was the same length as her hair, and she styled it like her own hair, then went back to work at the church office. The rest of us went along to see people’s reactions. It was quite funny!

Now you know what I’ve been doing lately. How about all of you? What do you do with your days?

I love you all. Mama

Friday, October 08, 2004

Ode to Kim

Boss of her world and drama queen too,
When she was born she was squalling its true.

But she soon gained control of all life forms around,
those that were brought and those that were found.

With dimples and charm she walked into our lives
demanding a right to a bite of our pies.

Now that she's grown we can honestly say,
Our lives are much brighter since Kim came our way.

Happy Birthday sister dear!

Happy Birthday Kimberly Joy Shire!!

A very merry unbirthday to us, to us, a very merry unbirthday to us, to us. . .

But. . .
Happy birthday, oh happy birthday
May the new year for you be one of joy
Happy birthday, oh happy birthday
I hope you enjoy a brand new toy!

Happy Birthday Kimmie!!

(PS Imagine me totally making up the words and tune as the song goes on!!)

Monday, October 04, 2004

Parting is such sweet sorrow . . .

Just got back from Roseburg - the house is now empty, the garage almost so (Tim has some stuff there to move when his new place is ready). The new owners will probably have it rented out soon. Tim is planning on getting a studio apartment from Mike Hurtienne (I taught two of his kids) - it needs some painting then Tim can move in. For now he is staying with a friend. I completed another McMahan's fall parking lot sale with help from a friend on week nights and Tim for a bit most nights. I'm a bit groggy this evening but hope an early to bed night will help. Had a very full van coming back from Roseburg - some firewood, a garbage bag full of Tim left overs, my McMahan's 'stay all night' stuff, 18 gallon cans of flour (left from Y2K 'just in case' preparations), a recliner (I actually paid money for this item!), a small roll of carpet, a new printer for the computer, and three 'rescues from the dumpster' items - a glider/rocker, a black metal + cushion swivel recliner with footstool, and a cute little table (3 foot diameter) - all need some repair, but may be available if you want and we can't figure out where to put them.

Pray for Tim - he seems to be doing good, but moving out of his only house of remembrance, starting school, finding and moving to a new place, finding time for his lady friend, hanging in with McD's, helping dad at McMahan's, etc. has stretched him some. Also we need wisdom concerning a heating system - had another contractor here today who had some different perspectives from previous ones, complicating our decision.

God bless! Hope to hear from you soon. You are in my prayers.

Five O'Clock

I believe that Kimmie owns "In the Bleak Midwinter" and I have a burned copy of the album, plus I constantly run into Pat (mandolin/violin/back up vocals) from Five O'Clock People so I could see if he has any copies if Kimmie doesn't still have hers.

I just wanted to send this thank you to all that were and were not able to make my birthday party for the amazing gift! I haven't had time to set it up yet or get chemicals, etc., but I'm so excited about the developing equipment and the opportunity to use it at my leisure once I understand how it all works.