Monday, July 24, 2006

One Month

Well, Heather and I have been hitched for a month now, and I thought it might be a good idea to post an update. As far as housing goes, our former property manager evidently sold the complex, because a new property manager came to visit us last Wednesday to get acquainted. But the apartment itself is great, though the heat wave has been...unpleasant...

As far as jobs go, Heather has a few applications and resumes circulating, and I am starting my search today. She is hoping for an office-type job, whereas I would love to work at Starbucks or some other coffee shop.

Not as much of an update as I thought this would be, but there it is. Consume slowly for best results.

timmy and Heather Whittaker (hehe!)

Friday, July 21, 2006

July Update

June with its end of school, tractoring, Tim & Heather's wedding, Danny + Betsy + Aaron's visit, has come and gone. Now July is almost gone as well. Marie and I went to my 40th Rochester High School reunion recently - I was encouraged to find that most of my classmates looked older than I think I look! But then, they probably thought the same thing . . .

We had a nice trip this past week. First we visited my mom - she looked good! Then on our way to see Danny and family, we stopped to see my Aunt Katie, who is now 97. She is also doing well, though not quite as sharp memorywise as she used to be, though not bad. Then we had a good two days at Deer Lake north of Spokane. Aaron is definitely changing - now reaches to grab items (glasses, mouth, whiskers, fingers, toys, etc.). Mama W. had a special nap time with him the morning we left - Aaron fell asleep in her arms and slept for a half hour or so, then opened his eyes and just continued to lay there, watching 'grandma', studying her face, listening to her soft words to him. That lasted another 10+ minutes before he decided to move.

After Deer Lake, we drove to Bend, delivering a new computer to Joann (insurance money allowed her stolen one to be replaced), visiting some Wednesday evening. She is doing well! Her new job seems to agree with her. She is looking into where she will stay this fall when school begins again.

We are now home, have gone through a weeks worth of mail, etc. and are getting ready for the Woolley reunion tomorrow. With predicted 100+ degree weather, it may be warm at the park! Then next week we go to see Danny, Betsy, and Aaron off. Hope to see more of the 'fam' then also. Then a Whittaker family reunion in Chehalis, then not sure what. Probably some tractor driving, some relaxing, some gearing up for school, helping with grandma K. and Bashor family, etc.

In case you hadn't heard, Holly and Kris are at OHSU today for some tests - not sure when they come home. I know they want to be at the reunion tomorrow, but that is not likely. Hope all is well with you! God bless - - - Dad