Monday, May 31, 2004

No Deal in Roseburg

Got a call from Don Couch, who has been in our Roseburg house this past year. It seems the Lord is moving a different direction with them and they may be moving from the Roseburg area, so do not want to buy the house. They will be in the house through the end of June, perhaps a bit more, but we will need to find another buyer. The good part of it all is that the house is worth more now with the work the Couches put into it plus values have increased some in the past year. So it looks like I will have some business to take care of in Roseburg this summer in addition to McMahan's security (June 30 - July 13). We have had three people express interest in buying it since we left, so perhaps one of them will still be interested. Once school is out, guess I go into the real estate business . . . be praying for a good resolution to the situation. God bless - Dad

In Rememberance

Today is Memorial Day ... the long week-end at the end of May when a multitude of folks head for campgrounds, have barbecues, etc. We, on the other hand, spent today working in the yard and I took my Mama to the cemetery to place flowers on Grandpa's grave.

Odd, that the 'holiday' is so different to different people.
Strange, that so many view it as a wonderful opportunity to relax and party while others are still consumed with grief over the loss of a loved one.

And yet, life does go on, and there are reasons to celebrate a day like today. I know that I will have my times of enjoying a barbecue or even a campout (maybe?) on Memorial Day. But today it was a somber occasion.

And there were hundreds of bouquets already on graves at the cemetery and dozens of people there when we were, paying respects to a loved one. It looked so festive... but there was a sadness in the beauty of the flowers.

Yes, it was a hard day especially for Grandma. She has been alone -- without her other half -- for over 3 months, and the pain hasn't subsided yet. Will it ever? I can only imagine how it must feel for her. Her world has caved in. If it weren't for her kids and grandkids, she would have nothing to live for anymore. And the prospect of selling the home she has shared with her man (if only for 8 years) is overwhelming to her. I don't know how soon anything in that vein will be possible. We don't want to rush her, but....

C'est la vie! (it's the life:)

Well, Liz and I completed our London trip with seeing Troy at Europe's biggest cinema on Saturday and then we went to see The Complete Works of Shakespeare (abridged) at the Ridiculous Shakespeare Company (thought of you, Kimmie and Timmy). We got to the airport at about 11pm last night and slept on and off until 3:45 when we could check-in...then we went through security and had breakfast and headed to Paris at 5:45...we both slept the entire way in and got there at 7:45 (actually only an hour flight...I'm 9 hours ahead of you again...bwah ha ha!). We caught a train and rode into town, switched trains, and then walked about 10 minutes to our hostel (it had an American flag and a Norwegian outside, so I knew it couldn't be too bad:).

We can see the top of the Eiffel Tower from the hostel, but it takes about 20 minutes to walk there. We got to our hostel around 10am, but couldn't get our rooms until 5pm, so we left our luggage in their storage room and headed out. Paris is so beautiful! The weather is cloudy, but not hot or cold or rainy...perfect for me. We just wandered for a while and looked at the outside of the Louvre, Notre Dame, Sienne River, Arc de Triomphe, and many more things that I'm not quite sure what they were. We both felt tired and disgusting from lack of good showers for the past few days, so we got back to the hostel at 5 on the nose, and I'm happy to say that....i'm no longer "skipping the loo"! This hostel is so much nicer than the last one and we are on the second floor instead of 4th. There's an individual room with a shower and two individual rooms with toilets and a sink in our six person room! The shower has one downfall...but I overlooked it how in public restrooms you push the faucet down and water runs for about 5 seconds and then shuts off? Precisely how this shower works! Crazy!

So far Liz and I only have one other roommate (although 3 more could come...who knows?)...he's (yes, he) a college student from New York and is very nice. I don't think Liz is too happy with it, but I'm just glad he speaks English and isn't obnoxious (our roommates for the last two nights in London were women in their 30's or 40's who only spoke Spanish...but they were nice).

Liz is actually napping right now, and I'm just chilling downstairs awaiting dark when I can go to the Eiffel Tower at night...and maybe find some's some kind of holiday in England and here (a bank holiday..whatever that one seems to know) so almost everyplace is closed except for the expensive restaurants. I have crackers and Nutella though, so I'll survive:)

I'm very excited to be coming home in just a few days...I'm looking forward to not being hungry at inconvienient times, normal showers, maybe a shoulder massage from someone;), and Kimmie and Andy's wedding, of course. Bethy, I don't know what you are thinking as far as Friday goes...I think we decided that we are driving down together in my car? If so, I just want to let you know that I need to do some things in Newberg (get stuff for the wedding, pick up pay checks, pay rent, get stuff that I sent back last week with someone from my trip, etc.). I love you all and will make sure to say hello to Paris from the Eiffel Tower tonight for you. Je t'aime.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Rehearsal and More...only 8 days from now!

So, my loferly family! I am writing to remind you all of the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner coming to a family near you next weekend!

Rehearsal - arrive at the church by 5pm Sat if you are in the wedding please! Others are welcome to come and watch the fun!
Rehearsal dinner - not at the church, but close by at 7pm. let me know if you need directions!

Wedding pictures - everyone in the wedding party is on deck at 1:30, the Whittaker/Kjosness family needs to be ready for photos at 2:00.

I can't wait to see you all! even if I will be crazy getting married girl...
Love you,

Skipping the Loo?!

So Joann can rewrite the song, "Skip to My Lou".
Her version would start, "Skipping the Loo...!"

Mixed bathrooms?

I made it! No more worries...I got in to London at 10:30 last night (we are only eight hours ahead in the UK) and it took me until 1am to get to the hostel and had quite a few interesting experiences involving getting a phone number from some guy who "wants to see me again", etc. - all very silly and random. Our hostel is in central London so it's close to everything! We're not sure what we're doing, but we going to just wander around to the main attractions and some smaller things like the Peter Pan statue:). Our room in the hostel is on the 4th floor (in the US we would say it was the 5th floor) and we go through alot of fire escape doors and narrow creaky halls to get there, but the room is very nice...last night we shared it with two Christian girls from Texas (they left this morning). Right next to our room is the loo...the co-ed showering for me for the next few days! But there is a sink in our room, so I can do sponge baths, etc. Well...Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, and Eliza Doolittle you all and see you in less than a week (or about a week for all of you Eugenians).

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

News of the World Traveller

Today Joann called me from Norway! It was so good to hear her voice! She was at Cato's house near Bergen, and he let her use his cell phone (said it only cost about 10 cents a minute). Odd picked her up in Torp, a very small airport in the area of Oslo. They spent the night at his sister's house in Oslo. His mother was also there. Then in the morning they drove 8 hours to Bergen, travelling part of the way beside the largest fjord in Norway. Tomorrow they'll visit Frank, and do some sight-seeing. Then tomorrow evening at 7:55 (that would be 10:55 tomorrow AM our time) she will fly back to Torp and at 9: something she flies from there back to London where her friend, Liz is. She'll meet her at the hostel where they are staying.

She's having a wonderful time and said she was glad she didn't have to come home when her group left, but that she will be ready to come home next week.

I'll let her tell you about what they did when she hurt her arm twirling in the ice 'palace'. As you could guess, it's pretty funny....

I just thought you'd all like to know that she is safe and sound and having the time of her life. ('Wish I were there, too! But then maybe she wouldn't be having so much fun...?)

Love you all!

A Strange Whittaker Thing

I didn't realize that yesterday was my Halfy Birthday until I got home to a message from Mama on my machine. Matt apologized for not remembering and for not celebrating it. I told him it was okay, it really is a strange Whittaker thing anyway. A strange Whittaker thing that I am so glad for! I like to feel special more than once a year... :) So thank you Mama, for always remembering my Halfy Day.

In celebration, I went out to pick up the mulch from the day before with the lawn mower (works better if it dries a day or two before putting it on the compost pile), and in the process almost lost the tips of two of my fingers. Apparently, our 9 year old riding lawn mower has become old and decrepit, and even when it appears that the blades are off, they are actually still spinning. So when I had the mower on idle and was trying to clean out a clogged hose, the blades hit my gloved hand and I almost passed out thinking that I was bleeding to death or something. Turns out to be just a very severely bruised and possibly fractured tip of my ring finger. I am a very lucky girl. But it makes typing an interesting endeavor, now having only three fingers and a thumb that really work without pain. :) Joann and I will be the bandage sisters at the wedding. Kimmie, do you think that we can find black gauze somewhere, or would you prefer orange to match our daisies? :) JK

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Blessings on you!

To Kim and Andy - only 11 more days! Yeah! Shudder! Wow! Help! And more . . .

To Beth and Matt - Happy Spring with all its growth and work and warmer weather and . . .

To Danny and Betsy - From our friend Willy Wonka: "So much time, so little to do . . . no, reverse that." But it will all get done somehow.

To Joann - Happy snow in Norway! And Merry Christmas seven months early . . .

To Tim - Happy end of the school year - it's coming soon! (I only have seven more student days!) - then wedding, etc.

To my bride - X O X O X O X O X (I almost got in trouble by not spacing between the letters - comes out OX OX OX OX OX OX OX . . . )

To all, a very merry spring and many more! And God bless! And the UVC baseball team is in the state playoffs again - play tomorrow in Harrisburg, only 4 miles from Junction City - maybe I'll go see them play.

Love to all - Dad

World Traveller - in Norway

Just thought I'd let you all know that I was looking at Joann's schedule and figured that if planes were on time, etc. she left Switzerland at about 1:40 AM (our time today, May 25) and arrived in London at about 2:25 AM. She's due to leave London in a little over an hour- 9:25 AM and will arrive in Norway just after noon (12:20 PM). Of course they are 9 hours ahead of us, so by the time Odd gets her from the airport, it will be time for them to get to wherever they are staying for the night. So tonight while we're all sleeping, she'll probably be 'romping' in the snow! Don't you all wish you were there, too?!!
She'll be there until about 10:30 PM on Thursday (that will be about 1:30 PM our time), and then head back to London to meet up with the girl who is staying there while she travels to Norway. I have her schedule for the rest of the trip if any of you want to know what it is. Pray that she will make the connections that she needs to.
Hopefully we'll all be hearing from her again sometime soon, too.

Love you all! See you next week!

Z's are Z's & Y's are Y's once more!

I am standing in the London Stansted airport waiting for my check in for my Norway flight...I took an hour and a quarter coach to this airport for the Luton's been a long day of traveling and there's more to go! But I'm excited to be rid of the group and to be completely alone:-) (there's actually a smiley face button on this keyboard:-) and a frowny face:-( ). I am having a blast and my arm feels weak but it moves quite freely now, so no worries. Bethy, my flight number for my return is actually not with me, but if you tell the airport my return time and Delta and that it's from Atlanta, you should be golden. Okay, my time is about up so I'll post this and get back to you later:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-(:-)

Monday, May 24, 2004

More info

Daddy didn't mention The Woolley Family reunion -- probably since it's on June 26 -- the same as Annie's wedding. So we (or at least I) won't be at the reunion, but you all may want to consider it?

Good to hear from Joann again. I hope you will be able to post us a few times in your last week there, too. You are in our prayers. I still wish I was there with you. 'Sounds like so much fun!! Enjoy the snow! Hello to Odd. I'm so glad he'll be there to show you around.

Love to all,

Almost free!

Hi familz...the group leaves to head home tomorrow and I jump on a plane to London and then to Norwaz! Right now I am in Geneva for a few hours - Odd emailed me and told me that it's snowing in Norwaz, so we will probablz have to stick around the Oslo area...he sazs it's the coldest it's been there in Maz that he can remember! Mz arm is much better, just a bit weak.
I bought a Swiss armz knife the other daz and promptlz cut mz hair becuase it was driving me battz. Don't worrz Kimmie, I onlz cut off about 3 inches, but it feels so much better and everzone on the trip sazs it looks good - but I think thez are mainlz impressed that I spent 45 minutes cutting mz hair with the scissors of mz Swiss armz knife:)
I think I'm doing okaz on monez...I'll check. Kimmie, zesterdaz I went to a Starbucks in Bern and had a double tall caramel good. I'll probablz email when I get to London in a few dazs. Mmmmmwwwaaaaaaah!

Sunday, May 23, 2004

New Guy on the Blog . . .

I finally figured out how to add my two bits to the blogger! Two more weeks of school and then some wedding thing (smile), then a summer of ??????? There's a family friend wedding in Portland on June 26, McMahan's parking lot sale from June 30 - July 12th, Whittaker family reunion on July 31st, and who knows what the rest of the summer. With high gas prices we may not want to go too far, but then we may. The uncertainty of our situation here at grandma's house makes it difficult to predict. We do hope to see all our kids some and hope the coast trip works out for all some way or another . . . I'd best close for now. Hope you all have a great week and remember to keep Joann covered with prayer as she explores the wonders of Europe! Say Hi to Odd for us. Dad


I love how Daddy's reflector strip is the most noticeable thing in that photo. :) Matt does indeed work a Mon-Fri job, and has to be careful when using his vacation days because of his position. Summers are especially difficult because of all his workers being on vacation. So, sounds like we will either have a Matt-less or Andy-less beach trip. My schedule, on the other hand is usually quite open.

Joanny, Joanny!

Joanny! Are you sure you didn't hurt your elbow seriously? Did you have anyone there who checked it out for you? I hope it's much better now. I'm glad you're enjoying your trip. It sounds so wonderful! How is your money holding out? Take care, dear girl. We all love you! See you in less than two weeks. Your Mama.

Coast or bust! (But probably not on a weekend)

Well...can any of you handle a weekday trip to the beach? I don't have Andy's schedule right in front of me, but I know he never has a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday off. His schedule alternates. Week one is a Tue, Wed off; week two is Wed, Thu off; week three is Fri off. Last week was a Friday (5/21) off week, so if you get out a calendar you can figure out which weeks he has Fridays off. After the honeymoon, he will not be able to take a weekend day off for quite a while. I know Matt works this beach trip becomes a tough schedule. We'd really like to make it work though! Let's keep trying!

Love to you all!
(2 weeks to go!)

Saturday, May 22, 2004

Friday, May 21, 2004

Too much HTTP!

Thanks Danny, for noticing my httpical blunder.
It is now fixed. :)

Twirling and Zodeling...

Oh familz i love swityerland...i think we should all move here permanentlz:).

Mama: I can't wait to see zou again, but I'm loving it here. Two dazs ago I went to the Jungfrau (the top of Europe - part of the Alps) and had fun in the Ice Palace (a hollowed out glacier), unfortunatelz I was wearing mz red twirlz skirt which made me twirl in the palace - let's just saz I'm not the most graceful princess in the palace and I nearlz passed out because I sprained or jammed mz right elbow so hard. It has almost healed now - never fear - I can't quite straighten it zet, but I can finallz reach mz face with mz right arm now:)

Daddz, Dannz, and Andz: I know zou will all be jealous that I have been plazing (until the fall at the top of Europe) frisbee in the Alps. I also watched some Swiss people plazing reallz big chess in Lugana Swityerland.

Kimmie: The swatches and Swiss szmbols make me think of zou...I'll zodel to goats tonight for zou and work on the goat cheese and milk.

Bethz and Matt: Mz flight gets in at 9:17pm on June 3rd - I'm flzing Delta. I'll look for mz flight number later.

Timmz: Zou're cute.

I'm off to Meirringin to get hot chocolate with the gang.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Cool links

Great links Beth, I love the clock! The link to your page doesn't seem to work though? You threw in an extra http!

Smiling from ear to ear...

I love zou all!
This trick of Joannz's with the ys and zs is pretty neat.
I think I'll stick with it for a while.
Joann in the Alps!
How crayz is that?
I am sincerelz jealous AND thrilled for the kid.
Ever since Heidi, I've wanted to be in the Alps eating goat cheese, drinking milk from a bowl, and yodeling to goats. Joann, if zou get this while you are still there, please do some or all of these things for me!
Well, I am down to 17 days as a Whittaker.
There is, surprisinglz, a touch of melancholz in that statement.
But, I guess it's not surprising considering how emotional transitions are for me. I love the, but thez make me crz...
Like bridges. I love them, and thez make me emotionallz unstable at the same time. I start gleefullz singing "My knapsack on my back" or just stand and stare into the depths and ponder the wonders of God's beautiful creation from the pinnacle.

well, I must go back to Andz's now.
Tomorrow we get the kezs for our new place and I spend my first night there! For those of zou who don't know, our address is:

Kim and Andz of the Shire
11790 SE Fuller Road
Milwaukie, OR 97222

Love to zou all,
Kimmie (not Kimmz)

New Feature

Well, I have been trying for the last hour to figure out the html enough to find the little decorative divider lines, and they are elusive little things. So, just ignore the double line on the sidebar and focus on the new feature "Links" section. I will figure it out eventually... The links are all to web sites that I thought might interest ya'all. I will add more later as I find interesting ones.


Mama has been having a bit of fun lately...

David, Jonathan & Sister Erika

Erik & Derek Squish Michelle

Zella, Ella & Matt

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

That worked well! Check out this website!

Here is the picture!
Here is a picture of us! posted by the BloggerBot, we'll see how this works!

Here I am!

Hey guys, sorry I haven't written in a while. Things are a little busy here!

We've been looking at our schedule and thought it would be nice if we could have one last family outing to the coast before our trip. Things are going to be crazy for us leading up to training at the end of June, but then we will have 10 days in July with no plans except to see family and friends and to get a shipment sent to Singapore. So we were thinking maybe Saturday, July 17 would be a good time to meet at the coast for the day. What do you all think?


Sorry I have been so absent from my very own blog! I put in 40+ hours in just three days this weekend as the co-ordinator of our first annual church rummage sale. It was a LOT of work, but fun, and we were able to make close to $2000 toward our property fund. Since Matt and I don't have the money to give, I gave of my time. And I think that I am finally recovered. :)

Now I have a dress to finish, and a veil to make, not to mention two lasagnes...

Joann, next time you are on, could you post your flight number, time, and date? I can't find it anywhere, and would hate to leave you stranded when you get back!

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Yes! Where ARE you?

I agree with Joann! It would be nice to hear from you all more often. I loved hearing your news, Joann, and also the online journal entry for today. What fun to be able to know where you are and what you're doing!

I have a few pictures that I'd like to share with all of you, but still haven't figured out how to do that. Do I have to install a program on my computer to do it? I already have so much here (especially in the main drive).

We had a heavy downpour of rain yesterday for about 15 minutes. That was right during the time that Daddy was out frisbe golfing (he's trying to get better so he can keep up with Danny -- or maybe beat him?). Anyway, he called me a bit later and I asked if he got wet, and it hadn't rained where he was.

I have more wedding cakes in the freezer, as well as some beautiful and yummy mints that Kathy helped us make this past week-end. And today I work on the hem of the wedding gown again. At least that's the plan at this time in the morning. Hopefully I will get to it.

I think also today we're meeting with a realtor to begin the process of looking at possibilities for a new home for us -- maybe an existing home, or maybe building one. THis is very preliminary. It could be a long time before we actually do anything about it, but we ARE looking into it.

Y'all have good day ... and write soon! Love you! Mama

one more thing...

Where has everzone gone? It's like a ghost town on this blogger.

"Empty, empty is this blog
And lonely are the Alps."


"Water, water everywhere
But not a drop to drink."

(That's from Don Juan bz Lord Bzron (I think) for all of zou non literature majors).
This quote stems from the frequencz of desiring delectable water in Venice: surrounded bz water, but finding it hard to find anz to drink:).
I hope zou are enjozing all of the z's - in Switzerland, the z's and y's are switched on the kezboard:).

I absolutelz loved Venice, but there is no comparison for Switzerland either. It is amazingly gorgeous...I wish zou all were here. We arrived yesterday and I never want to leave (okaz, so I guess I'll come home for Kimmie's wedding). The Alps on all sides, chocolate everzwhere zou turn, quaint villages and houses, Swiss flags and szmbols everzwhere (it makes me think of zou, Kimmie).

Much more is on mz mind, but I want to shop now, so I'm going to sign off - Give mz love to all...and Mama, let Hollz and Aunt Kris know that Blake emailed me. Guten Daag (I have no idea how to spell that).

Friday, May 14, 2004

Small World!!

So good to hear from Joann in far off Italy! Thank you for keeping in touch. I keep checking the journals and the pictures that are posted, but have found very few of my favorite girl on the trip. The last group of pictures said something about trying to get all of the people on it, but I only saw the top of Joann's head in one of the pictures. I want to see her cute little face!!

Of course I love you all.
Tonight we have a shower for my favorite girl who is getting married in three weeks!

And in three weeks I get to see my favorite girl and boy who live in Sandy!

That's not even to mention my favorite boy and girl going to Singapore this summer,

or my favorite boy who is finishing his first year of college!

Have a good day, wherever you are!!
Love from Mama

Ciao Bella!

Hello family...I see plans for Kimmie's wedding are keeping you busy enough. I am still in San Vincenzo staying at Riva degli Etruschi - yesterday we went to Florence (which isn't as quaint as I thought it would be). It wasn't as rainy as the previous day (I actually got sunburnt on Tuesday). I saw a dead pigeon in Florence and almost took a picture:). Tomorrow we head out to Venice where I intend to spend about 20 dollars to go on a Gondola ride where the man sings to you and the ride is about an hour - expensive I know, but when else will I be in Venice?

I miss you all and wish you were here to experience this with me, but I'll see you all in a little under three weeks. MMMmmmwwwwaahh!

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

What happened?

I sure like the old look to the Blog better than this. What happened?

We're looking forward to a busy week=end with showers for Kim (Friday) and for Christi and Isabella (Saturday). I baked another 16" layer cake for Kim and Andy's wedding. Kris and her kids were here and were disappointed that the cake couldn't be eaten yet. When Megan heard it was for the wedding, she said, "That's two weeks away!" Kris said, "I hope not!!" (We aren't quite ready yet, but we ARE looking forward to the big event!)

Love to all,

Are you there?

Hmmm, I can't see the blog, can others??

Yippee!!! It is back!

Tuesday, May 11, 2004


"The very least you can do in your life
is to figure out what you hope for.
And the most you can do
is live inside that hope."
-Barbara Kingsolver

Monday, May 10, 2004

Stiff Neck

Thanks, Beth, for that fun tribute!

Today I baked the first wedding cake layer for Kim and Andy!! Can you believe that in 4 weeks they will be MARRIED?!!

We're busy planning showers (Kim's is Friday, and Christi and Isabella's is Saturday), getting ready for wedding, etc. I'm also going to the chiropractor. I found out today that I have the beginning of bone spurs on two of my vertebra in my neck. Basically, I have a stiff neck!! I'll be going to the chiropractor twice a week to get treatment for that, and he says that it will help with the migraine problems that I've been having. It will be nice not to have those every 5 to 7 days!

You are all in my prayers. I love you!

Sunday, May 09, 2004

A Little Mother’s Day Tribute

If it weren’t for Mothers
And the things they say and do,
All the kids would jump off cliffs
Because their friends had done it too!
There’d be horseplay,
There’d be shouting,
There’d be chicken fights and wedgies…
And people would eat candy bars
Instead of healthy veggies!
They’d slouch and read in awful light
And watch too much TV…
If there weren’t any mothers,
What a mess this world would be!
But Moms exist,
And kids are safe,
And all the world is blessed!
So for all your love, advice, and caring…
Thank you!
You’re the best!

Friday, May 07, 2004


Hi family! I arrived in Rome on Wednesday at 10am-ish (1am your time) and stayed up all day (i was exhausted by that night and slept for 11 hours straight!). Yesterday we went to the Vatican and saw the Sistine Chapel and wondered around St. Peters Basillica (that is my favorite so far). Today I am planning on heading to see the Colosseum later (the group went this morning but I got sick off of something that I ate and couldnt make it very far, so I went back to the hotel and slept - it's 1pm now and I'm typing this in a laundromat!). I don't think I have much time left on my meter, so I'd better close this out. I love you all - and don't worry Mama, I feel much better now and am ready to walk about a dozen miles (like I've been doing the past two days). Love you all lots and love your picture Bethy. Ciao. We head to Tuscany tomorrow morning, I'm excited to see a new city and some nicer weather (it's been rainy - which i love but the rest of the group hates:).

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

A Day in the Life of Beth

6:45am - Rise and Shine!
6:50am - Make coffee and Matt's lunch.
7:30am - Goodbye kiss & Have a nice day, dear; I love you!
7:35am - Coffee and devotions;
I am currently in Luke on my chronological try-to-read-it-all-in-a-year quest.
8:30am - Check email and play on the internet for awhile,
learn how to put my own picture on our blog!
10:30am - Okay, so I need to get a few things done...
Eat breakfast, clean the kitchen, put our plastic shower curtain liner in the washer.
11:30am - Feed the dog, cats, goats, & chickens.
11:45am - Toss the bouncy toy for the dog to help get some energy out.
12:00pm - Gardening! Expand the flower bed around the pump house by cutting out the sod
and spreading mulch. Get rid of the load of sod, take the Quad and trailer down into
the canyon to dig up a whole lot of foxgloves. Plant foxgloves in 4 different places.
Water everything.
4:00pm - Sheesh! I am tired! Play a few games of spider solitaire on the computer while drinking
about 3 glasses of cold water.
4:30pm - Make burritos for dinner. Read the Sandy Post and clip coupons.
5:30pm - Hi, Honey, I'm home. How was your day? Eat dinner.
6:30pm - Matt heads out the door to get some things done and breathe fresh country air.
I sit down to play on the computer again. Blog.
7:15pm - Work on hand stitching star blocks #9 & 10 of 12 for the quilt I am making for Matt.
Meanwhile, watch the final few episodes of Alias Season 2, taking a break only to watch
American Idol's results show from 8:30-9:00.
10:30pm - Get ready for bed. Read "Anna Karenina" by Tolstoy until my eyelids are heavy.

Seattle, here we come!

(Nice Dogwood picture, Beth!!)

Tomorrow morning Daddy and I leave for the Mariner game! Actually we take his class to OMSI tomorrow, spend that night in Seattle (we'll be at Cowdens, so I can sleep in a bed instead of on a gym floor!). Friday morning we tour Safeco Field, then we go to the Seattle Center and then to the game that night. After the game we're spending the night at Grandma Borovec's. Home again Saturday evening.

Daddy got a block of 152 tickets for the game. We have such people as David, Jacki, Heather, etc., Jeff, Dave, Tate, Tom and Bonnie, the Cowdens, Kaplans, Morrises, Danny and Betsy, the Alexanders, UVC people and lots from our church here, and maybe Kathy. It should be a fun time!

I went to a chiropractor this morning. My shoulder and neck have been hurting a lot. I don't feel much better yet. 'Hope it doesn't give me fits while we're on our trip.

'Hope you all have a good week-end! Love you!!

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Joann's link and how to make a link!

Just thought I'd save you all a little work in typing or copy and paste!

Junior's abroad

To add a link, type in the title you want your link to have, select the title, then just click on the little globe with the chain and type in the address, after hitting 'OK' a bunch of text will appear in your post. There is your link!

The moving begins

Well, this weekend Betsy's parents helped us move the piano down to Betsy's cousins house for her to keep it for us, then we packed a bunch of boxes and things into the back of the pickup and sent them on up to Othello for to be stored! The house is beginning to look empty, though it is not too bad yet. Still a lot of clutter to hide the emptiness!!

Love you all, look forward to seeing you soon!