Saturday, February 14, 2009

Birthdays are for the Birds!!

For my birthday this year, we went to Long Beach for a night. I love the beach, and though it was very cold out there, we had to go walk on the beach for at least a little while. This first picture should have told me something.... even the seagulls were all 'hunkered down' because of the cold!

There was a flock of hundreds of birds hovering near the edge of the waves. We enjoyed watching the patterns of flight they made.

I tried to join the flock, but they rejected my friendship and removed themselves from my advances.

It was SOOOO cold!! Here I am with only my eyes showing, and I was still freezing! It was the wind chill factor that got us. We didn't stay out very long. The interesting thing was that we could drive on the beach, so after returning to the car, we drove out where we had been walking, and found it a lot more comfortable!!

After a nice dinner we went back to the motel room and settled in to watch a movie. It was just starting when the electricity went out -- and stayed out for about 45 minutes. Luckily I had my flashlight and Jim had his computer to add light to the room. we were glad when the lights came back on before we were ready for bed because we were envisioning everything coming on in the middle of the night and waking us. We did get to watch the movie after all.

On Friday morning it was kind of rainy over there, so we did a little shopping in Long Beach gift shops, then headed home. But on the way we met Kathy at Longview and she treated me to lunch for my birthday. Nice!