Sunday, October 28, 2007

Singapore report

We’ve been home from Singapore for 11 days now, and I’m finally feeling back to normal physically, though I’m still not sleeping through the night without taking drugs! It was a good two weeks. I loved being with Danny, Betsy and Aaron – especially getting to know Aaron and letting him get to know his Grandma and Auntie Jo a bit. I think he enjoyed us, too.
We did lots of different things…. Visited the tropical island of Sentosa and swam in the South China Sea, went to the zoo, shopped in Chinatown and Little India as well as some malls, ate in ‘hawker’ centers, toured Danny’s school, rode buses and mass rail transits, went to an International night at the school and watched Betsy doing Bhangra dancing, attended their church, toured a strange Chinese ‘museum’ of mythological statues, etc., walked in the beautiful riverfront area, rode a river taxi, ate a slab of corn ice cream sandwiched in multi-colored bread, got refreshment at Starbucks and Coffee Bean shops, experienced torrential rainstorms, endured very hot humid weather (every day), took myriads of pictures, laughed and played, cried and got sick, and fainted and went to an ER (at least I did that!). The journey itself was long and not much fun, but being there was wonderful… and being back home is very good, too!

Following are four more posts with pictures. I hope you enjoy them. (We have LOTS more to show you when we see you).

Aaron was a lot of fun! So cute!!

This is the apartment building they live in. Their apartment is on the 10th floor – open windows – right where the tree limb is!

A view of the apartment -- nice

‘Mr. Whittaker’ helping one of his students
Sentosa was beautiful
Little India was interesting
Vivo City Mall was crowded
There was no explanation for the
Norwegian flags on the riverfront!
The riverfront area was very pretty

Riding in the river taxi
My sweet Aaron….
I miss him!

Danny and the ‘Roo

Drivers’ Ed starts early in Singapore!

Joann enjoying the view of Sentosa island

My Umbrella Girl – isn’t she cute?!!
The Merlion is Singapore’s famous symbol.

Danny and Joann

Aaron and Grandma

Danny, Betsy and Aaron

Danny laughing at pictures Joann took of him….

(No. this picture wasn’t there! But it IS kind of funny!)
Like Suma Mama, like Suma Son!