Sunday, June 24, 2007

Past time for an update!

This is the busy part of my summer! Just finished two 4 day 'bursts' of tractor driving, then two nights security at our school/church fireworks booth (first year our school has done this - will be interesting to see how it comes out financially) - Tim will be doing about 9 nights of security at the booth, Monday through Thursdays, the next two weeks, so if you are up in the middle of the night, give him a call - helps to keep him awake!

This Thursday I head to Roseburg to do the McMahan's parking lot sale - didn't have one last year, but they called and wanted me down again this year. There will be 11 nights there - perhaps a bit of 'dumpster diving' during that time! Anyone need furniture? Actually a bit hard to transport anything I might find . . . especially to Singapore! Mama will most likely be in the Portland/Vancouver area most of that time, so lots of family to family minutes on the cell phone.
After McMahan's, I'll probably head home for a day, then to wherever Mama is, then back to the tractor driving. Not sure where our summer will take us after that . . .
Yesterday Mama and I went to the wedding of a special young lady we knew in Roseburg, Melissa Welty. She taught with Kim at UVC - I believe both Joann and Tim either had her or were at school during her time there.
She is a sweetheart! The wedding was really well done - the pastors adding special comments to keep the special moment extra special . . . Weddings with two people who have waited so long for this moment and kept themselves pure are extra special - both Melissa and her groom are about 30 (he's two years older than Melissa). He is from Texas (Austin area) - they were introduced through mutual friends, then got to know each other long distance (email, phone, etc.) until he came up to visit and then she spent quite a bit of time down in Texas so they could get to know one another.
It was also fun to visit with a number of UVC friends who also attended the wedding. Probably the biggest surprise was seeing Bryce Peterson - remember him from when we did childcare for him as a preschooler? Then later I had both he and sister Emily in my class. Bryce was the only one from his family to make the wedding and I just barely recognized him . . . slender, about 6' tall, sharp looking young man! Still had the look of Bryce, but grown up! Also enjoyed seeing some former staff members from school . . . (in the picture: Mrs. Harmon, Mrs.Barbara Keller, Jill York, Ms.'R', the Zinks - also Shannon Goble Risley in background on right).

Guess that's about enough for now. Except to say to my five 'kids' - thank you for making good choices with your lives. I am a very proud papa! Times like Melissa's wedding where I did a lot of updating on where and what you all are up to, it's so fun to share - no embarrassments among you! Every where I went, UVC people asked about various ones of you and what is going on - you are remembered!

God bless to each of you: Kim + baby, Beth + babies, Danny and relocating, Joann + Mexico trip & housing & work, Tim + summer work (fireworks stand!), plus your great spouses . . . (Joann - your time may come - Lord directing - and often the longer the wait, the greater the blessing!) - I'm praying for you! Lots of love!

Papa Daddy Jim