Monday, November 28, 2005

timmy's list (updated) (again)

Warm robe
Portable stapler
Warm gloves
“The Week” (magazine) subscription
Books: “Knife of Dream” by Robert Jordan
“A Game of Thrones” by George R.R. Martin
Old History-type Books
New and/or Unique Music

From Store
Size for the below: Adult Medium
T-Shirts: Strong Sad
Trogdor Black
Strong Bad
Li’l Brudder
Teen Girl Squad
Polos: Trogdor
Hooded Sweatshirts: The Cheat
Any figurines, posters, patches, static clings, or bumper stickers
Or if unsure, a Gift Certificate would work just as well

By the way, only 207 days left!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

i'm back again...

Hey fam! I know, i know, i'm really bad about doing this whole blogger thing, but i'm coming around, ok?
I'm entering week 9 at OSU, which means papers and projects and extra credit are all due. And again, i waited WAY too long to start them, which means lack of sleep...i hope i learn my lesson soon...
I'm still looking for a part-time job, thinking about Dari-Mart, a 7-11 type convenience store in Eugene, Junction City, AND Corvallis, so i could get a job at the one in JC this year, and work in Cor. next school year when Heather and i are there.
What else? Oh! The wedding date is set. If anyone has a problem with June 24th, let me know soon.
For Christmas, it looks like Heather won't be able to join us on the 24th or 25th, but if we're still together on the 26th, she might come up.
Um...well, i guess that's the update for today. I'll try to be more consistent in the future...but no promises!

PS--Only 216 days left!

Daddy's ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS . . .(revised)

This is dad. I've been pondering this Christmas gift thing for awhile, with little success. I suppose there are some 'things' that would 'make my day', such as:

- the Coming of Jesus!!! Wow! That would be fantastically fantastic!!

- the total healing of Holly! No 'thing' could compare to that!

- a visit from my 'kids' - Hey, you could give mom and I a combined gift here!

But down to the ordinary - I have three books I'd like -

Fourth Dawn (A.D. Chronicles, #4) by Bodie Thoene $13.59 at Amazon, less on ebay?
Light from Heaven, Jan Karon $17. 79 at Amazon - ebay?
The Temptation (Mustard Seed), Nancy Moser - $5 used through Amazon or ebay?

Also, my billfold from Beth 15 years ago is showing signs of wear, though still good for awhile yet . . .

A new belt would be nice, though I would probably find one at Goodwill if I want one.

I have plenty of clothes - items from 20 years ago still work for me!

I have lots of ties - perhaps I'll pass a few on this Christmas - beware of what you open!

I like gadgets (at least for a few days before I lose interest).

I like dried fruit - craisins, most all flavors . . .

I like DVD's that I can trade in for other DVD's if I want to . . .

Most of all I like you, my family, who make me so very proud. Few dads not only survive marriage to one sweety, but also six kids (yes, six - I'm anticipating meeting the missing one some day) who love Jesus and seek to live like it. I am greatly blessed and look forward to being together with you for whatever time works out this holiday season. And some fun internet video times with you special and missed ones in Singapore!

Enough! Time for church and choir. God bless you every one!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mama's list (added to: 12-2)

I haven't thought of much yet, but will add as I do. Check back here before you go shopping!!

  • "Little House on the Prairie" DVD set for season 3 and beyond....
  • Good sewing scissors
  • Chocolate Fondue Fountain!!
  • Gift certificate for Joann Fabrics
  • scheduled visit from you -- at least 2 days
  • candle warmer
  • pretty necklace
  • Christmas village houses (preferably Victorian -- brands like Lemax and Heartland)

Joann's list

I just realized that I haven't yet sent you any ideas for Christmas. Well -
I always like fun, cozy socks (no flowers please)
an IPOD! (maybe you can find a cheap-ish one on Ebay or something - it doesn't have to be fancy)
CDs: Jamie Cullum (I think that's how it's spelled - he's a jazz singer and fairly young and new on the music scene - he has 2 albums - either would do).
Dave Lubben (Luban? Luben?) (he's a worship artist - I would really, really love this)

I would also love these DVD's:
'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory',
'The Music Man',
'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy',
'Anne of Avonlea'
Books: "The God Chasers" by Tommy Tenney
"The Grace/Truth Paradox" by Randy Alcorn
"Safely Home" by Randy Alcorn
"Intercessory Prayer" by Dutch Sheets
"The Fourth Dimension" by Paul Yung-E Cho (spelling?)
"Next Generation Leader" by Andy Stanley
"Visionary" by Andy Stanley
"Courageous Leadership" by Bill Hybels
"Blue Like Jazz" by Donald something
any book by T.D. Jakes
look on for these - it would be way cheaper and then you could buy me more:)

That is all, again.Joann

Friday, November 11, 2005

Whittakers in Singapore Christmas Lists

We may add more to the list as time goes by, but here is what we have so far!


  • Mary Poppins
  • Rocketman
  • Robots
  • Madagascar
  • Veggie Tales (after Sumo of Opera)
  • Star Trek Seasons (TNG prefered, TOS, DS9, Voyager; NOT Enterprise)
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (new one, maybe a copy of the old one?)
  • Muppet Wizard of Oz
  • Muppet Christmas Carol
  • Muppet Treasure Island
  • Brad Stine (not Put a Helmet On)
  • The Pacifier
  • Second Hand Lions
  • Sue Thomas FBI Season DVDs (we don't have any, but not sure if they have been made)
  • Doc Season DVDs (we have season 1, not sure if season 2 is out)
  • or you could record Sue Thomas and Doc on DVDs from TV!

Danny's List

  • Rubiks Cubes:
    • 4x4x4
    • 5x5x5
    • 2x2x2

Aaron's List

  • Shel Silverstein books
    • Where the sidewalk ends (top choice)
  • Good baby books
  • Baby book Bible stories
  • Other cute things for a little boy

Wish List

  • Airline tickets to visit you!
  • Airline tickets for you to visit us!
  • Fresh blackberries