Sunday, August 31, 2008


THIS is the reason we moved!
THE FAMILY-- almost all were together on Saturday for a weiner roast at the Twist lodge (Beth's house). If Danny and Betsy could have been here, our day would have been complete! We missed them.

Grandma Marie with her sweet little Katie

Timmy, Andy, Joann and Katie, grandma Marie with Donny and Jack.

Donny with Uncle Timmy

Jack helped Donny get a drink.

Jack with Auntie Jo

And we finished the day with a leap over the fire! "Beth be nimble, Beth be quick...."

What a fun day we had! I'm sure glad we're here!

Joann got a job at Starbucks and starts on Tuesday, but Jim hasn't gotten a job yet. We're still staying with Kim and Andy in Vancouver, and looking for work, a place to live, a church, a bank, new doctor and dentist, etc. What fun we're having!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Where did everything go??

To the shop, of course!

We had planned to be out by Saturday morning, but even though we had help from family and friends, it was 2 PM Sunday before we had everything completely out of the house and were ready to leave. We packed almost everything into the shop at the back of our garage, and loaded both of our cars full. Said good-bye to the house, then headed north.

Probably within a couple of hours our renter/buyers were moving in – very happily. They’ve been living in two camper trailers for the past month.

So the next phase of our life has begun! We started out spending Monday and Tuesday at Beth’s house in Sandy, OR – playing with our grandbabies there, and enjoying Beth and Matt’s hospitality. It was nice to be able to relax after the frenzy of work getting moved. We did go out to pick blueberries (for them and for us) for a couple of hours on Tuesday.

On Wednesday we came to Kim’s house in Vancouver, WA. I made dinner last night after Kim got home from a day at CYT day camp. I also made a yummy blueberry dessert for all of us. We’re going to make this our home base for awhile, so will spend some time today making a space for some of our things in their garage. We’re also going to go look at some apartments today.

Then we’re going to go visit the Cowdens in Seattle and Kathy in Centralia for the week-end. We’ll be back at Kim’s on Monday, and Jim will go drive tractor for his brother for a few days before he comes back and starts job hunting in earnest. The teaching job we mentioned in the last post didn’t happen for Jim. There’s still a possibility of a job at another school… We’ll see what happens. We’re not sure what the Lord has planned for us, but we’re trying to be flexible in the process.
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Moving along

It's time for an update on our status. Jim had his interview at King's Way school in Vancouver on Tuesday. He says it went well. He's hopeful of a job offer, but know they were also interviewing others, and we don't know anything about them. The administrator said they would get back to him by the end of the week. So we wait....

In the meantime, we are seriously packing. Our house is starting to look empty.

Tomorrow a friend is going to come help Jim move a lot of our furniture to the shop. We're storing things there until we get a home.

Tonight the buyers came and we signed papers for the sale of our house. They were celebrating the signing. I was sad. It's all so final.

We're trying to be out by Saturday so they can move in....

We'll go to Beth's for a few days, then Kim's, then...?

Job --- we'll buy a house

no job yet --- we'll rent an apartment

we'll keep you posted. thanks for checking in. And thanks for praying for us.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Another Step

Another step is done… kind of. We started the paperwork today for the sale of our house to the Hitchcocks. They’ll be renting for the first few months, but the sale looks good. We have some details to work out this week, and will do the final paperwork next Wednesday. Then we wait for the government program they're applying for to be processed. They say that will take from 2 to 4 months. We set August 20th for the last possible day we’ll be out, but will try for the 15th and 16th so they can start moving in over the week-end.

Jim has an interview on Tuesday, the 13th at King’s Way school in Vancouver, Washington (not far from Kim’s house). They had an unexpected opening for a 5th grade teacher. We had checked out that school in the spring, and were impressed with it. They had no openings at the time.

In the meantime, we’re packing boxes and taking loads up to the storage unit each time we’re up there. We plan to store most of our things in the shop here until we find a place to move into up there – wherever that may be. If Jim gets the job, of course, we’ll look to buy a house near the school. If he doesn’t have a job yet, we may get an apartment temporarily. But will have to live with Kim or Beth for the time between leaving here and finding a place to live.

Now we have to squeeze some other things into our final days here (besides trying to squeeze all our things into boxes and into the shop). We have friends and family to spend time with and the Scandinavian Festival to attend this Thursday through Sunday. I’m really looking forward to that! I may even work in our church food booth one shift. Jim and I did that last year, and it was fun.