Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cousins and Us

Our family from Singapore has been gone for a week and 1/2 by now, but I wanted to post a few more pictures from that time. Aaron is the one of our 6 grandchildren that we don't get to see for years at a time. So this post is dedicated solely to him. We loved having him (and his Mama and Daddy) here, and miss them now that they're gone. Here he is with us and with his 5 cousins.

Aaron with Grandma

Aaron with Grandpa
Aaron is 3 and 1/2 years old. Here he is with his 8 month old cousin, Beniah...

and with 18 month old Katie...

and with 2 year old Donny

and with 4 month old Evie

and with Jack, who is also 3 1/2 years old. Jack is 6 weeks older than Aaron. They had a lot of fun together.

Here Aaron is giving Donny a good-bye hug. They had lots of fun together, too. Donny still occasionally asks, "Where Aaron?"

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Special people

For your viewing pleasure, here are some random, but good pictures.
First is Beth with her sweet little girl, Katie. She IS a Mama's girl, and wants to be near her at all times.
Aaron thought the dominoes were fun.

Now here is a great picture of Tim and Heather's little boy, Beniah. Isn't he adorable?!!

In this picture, Aaron seems deep in thought. He was trying to be patient with all the adults who were starting a disc golf game. He really wanted to get to the playground. We didn't make him wait for too long.

Fourth of July Fun

I'm exactly a month late posting this, but wanted to share these pictures with you. On theThird of July the family gathered at Beth's house for a fun day, ended with Oregon approved fireworks... (not very exciting fireworks, but still a lot of fun).

Here is Jim with his two sons, Danny and Timmy.

M-m-m-m! S'mores!! Here are Betsy and Aaron with theirs. This was Aaron's first time to have them. He wasn't too sure about the mess...
Jack didn't seem to mind it quite as much. In the end, they both enjoyed the yumminess of them! (and so did I, but hopefully I didn't get as messy!!)

Sparklers! They are such a delightful, if short-lived, thing! Here is Aaron enjoying doing one with his Daddy Danny.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Family Times

We had some good times with family this summer while Danny, Betsy and Aaron were visiting from Singapore. This first picture is of Aaron pretending to take a nap....
Some of the Kjosness family visited one day. Here is Timmy's little Beniah with his second cousins, Tobias and David. They were very cute together.
The Whittaker family visited another day. Here is Beth's son Jack with his 2nd cousin, Sammy Jo.

Beth's little Katie enjoyed the old Fisher Price castle -- especially dropping the people into the dungeon!

Kim's little Donny loves his pack-pack!

Aaron also enjoyed the old bowling set. Our deck is the perfect place for bowling, but the bowling pins found their way down into the flower bed below more than one time!

Here's Aaron wearing Grandma's sunglasses....

and here he is wearing Auntie Jo's sunglasses. Maybe somebody should get him some of his own!

Donny likes Auntie Jo's sunglasses, too! ... and did you notice he still lives with his parents? Can you imagine that?!