Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cousins!! November 2010

Aaron got to spend time with his USA cousins when he came for a visit from Singapore.


Here he is with Jack and Katie

and with Beniah

All the cousins had a good time playing the first day Aaron got here

When Beniah celebrated his second birthday, everyone wanted a piece of the cake...

Aaron, Donny, Evie and Beniah

...and everyone wanted to play with Beniah's new train track.

Sugar and Spice...

Here are some pictures of my sweet granddaughters -- taken in November 2010:
Little Lady Katie

Little Miss Everlyn and her mommy, Kim.

Evie happy with her new mode of transportation. She's finally walking!

Now, aren't they both adorable?!!
This grandma thinks so!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

October birthdays

We celebrated Joann's (9/30) and Kim's (10/8) birthdays together between the two days. Here are some fun pictures of the event.

Katie, Jack and Donny helped with the candle blowing. With all those candles, Kim and Joann could use all the help they could get!

Fun times remembered 2

Beniah loved helping Grandma water the plants on the deck.

...and speaking of decks, here he is on his double-decker chair!

Jack and Katie in the fall garden.

Grandma Marie with her precious little people.
Like Father, like son!

Evie loves the quilt rack. It's a great place for playing peek-a-boo!