Wednesday, December 29, 2004

What's up?

Hi all of you! Christmas was good! I loved having all of you here -- including Danny and Betsy via the internet. It wasn't the same as having you here in person, but at least we got to see and talk to you. I'm so glad we have that option now.

We spent christmas day with Grandma at her house. Jean and Lisa were there, too for dinner. Later Dave and his Lisa, and then Kris and her family came (they had been at Bruce's sister's). Paul got there just a little before we left to come home and watch a movie.

Since everyone has gone back home, Daddy and I have been busy getting things done around here. Daddy has built me storage shelves in a couple of places, and has gotten his shop and garage more organized.

Today the Semraus are coming to dinner at our house and we'll all go to a movie together. Tomorrow we plan to go visit Grandma Borovec and spend a night, and the next night we're thinking of being with Beth and Matt and the group they are going to have in their home for NYE. (We'll talk to you about that soon, Beth).

Next Tuesday Barby is arriving and I'll pick her up at the airport and after we've spent some time together here, I'll take her to Roseburg. So you see, we're keeping busy.

Right now I need to go cut Daddy's hair....

What's up with all of you now?

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Christmas and politics

Hey guys, Christmas break is here!! I can't believe it, if I can only get my tests graded, I'll have 3 weeks of freedom to relax and explore Singapore!

I've made multiple mentions of an attempt at video feeds being shared so we can actually watch each other openning presents. . . Haven't heard anything in response though. . . You are all getting together on Thursday the 23rd, correct?

Also, I just ran across this site, use it as you wish:

Buy Blue hopefully you will use it against the ideals of the website that put it up. . . oh, and Kimmie, you are going to have to get to work repainting Starbucks!!

Love you all, Merry Christmas!!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Here, Here!

Yes, I am here, but have been way busy this week. This morning my ladies' Bible Study is having a Christmas brunch and ornament exchange here, so I gotta run, but wanted to leave you with these:

Here's a modern twist on an 80's classic- Transformers Unite!

And check this link out to see something truly amazing.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Cookies Anyone?

Today I went to a ‘cookie exchange’ – something I’ve heard of before but never attended. Everyone was to bring at least 3 dozen homemade cookies and then take as many as they brought in different cookies. There were 15 or 20 ladies there and that many different kinds of cookies. I took 2 ½ dozen of one kind of cookie (thumbprints), and 4 dozen of another kind (almond glazed sugar cookies), so I came back with 6 ½ dozen assorted cookies. Of course we did more than trade cookies, too. We nibbled a few cookies, drank cider or coffee, sat and visited and got to know more about each other. The hostess had prizes for a few people (the one who brought the cookies made from the oldest recipe, the one who had been married the shortest time, the one who has the next birthday). I didn’t get any of those. But she also makes really nice decorations, etc., and had a tree there that we were each to take an ornament from. So I got a cute tree ornament, too. It was a fun time. And now I have cookies!! Yummy cookies…. But they’re for Santa…. But you may have one (maybe…. If there are any left when you arrive! ‘Sorry, Danny and Betsy. I’m sure they’ll be gone before you get here!)
Tonight is home group, and we’re having a potluck dinner. I’m taking carrot casserole.
Tomorrow Daddy’s class is having a party here in the afternoon. That should be fun (I hope). That’s after I help at the school in the morning helping kids get into costume for dress rehearsal. The play is tomorrow night, and your Daddy is going to be the grandpa. He sits in a chair with a lot of kids around him, and reads to them. (When I was at the school this morning they were in the hall getting ready to go in for practice, and Daddy told the kids around him, “Oh, look. Here comes Grandma!” One of them said, “Hi, Grandma!”
So see! I AM a grandma!!
Tomorrow is also the last day of school this year. Christmas is just around the corner! ‘Don’t know what we’re doing for our anniversary. We had plans to go to the coast that day with the Perrys, but he has to work out of town, so we’ll have to figure out something else.
Hey, is anyone out there reading this? We haven’t heard from any of you for awhile.
Say something, please!
Love you!

Friday, December 10, 2004

Love from home

It has been too long since I’ve said anything here. So today I’m back! My hurt finger is better now, so it doesn’t hurt so much to type. It’s still weak, and it still gives me sharp pains when I move it the wrong way – like yesterday when I forgot and tried to snap my fingers – Oooooh! That hurt!!

Can you believe Christmas is so close? Two weeks from yesterday you’ll all be here for our Christmas and fondue (except for Danny and Betsy, who will be here in my heart anyway. We’ll sure miss you two!) Then two weeks from today the whole Kjosness clan will be here at our house, too. I’m looking forward to it all. I’ve been busily decorating throughout the house and am planning for food, etc.

Last evening Daddy and I were talking and heard a vehicle spinning it’s wheels and went out to see a pick-up trying to pull a van or something out of the park. It seems that the van had been driving across the lawn there and because of the recent rain, it got stuck. The police came and then let the guy’s friend with a 4-wheel-drive pick-up try to pull him out. That was a big mistake, because they made a huge mess of the park lawn. I talked to a park employee this morning, and he’s been working all day on trying to fix the mess. He wasn’t happy with the way the policeman handled it. They picked the mushiest area of the park to do the pulling through. They should have gone back the way they came instead of chewing up new ground. Sometimes trying to fix our mistakes makes a bigger problem than the original ‘mistake’…. I’m sure glad God can clean up our messes when we bring them to Him.

Tonight we have a church staff party to go to, and are supposed to bring an ornament for exchange. They say we’re going to pray over the ornaments and the homes they will be going to.

I need to get on with wrapping, decorating, etc. and need to figure out what we’ll eat tonight. We cleaned up the left-overs last night, so I have to start new tonight….

I love you all.

May the Reason for the Season fill your hearts with Joy!!

Sunday, December 05, 2004


Just wanted to let you guys know about that I have recently started my own website on - Andy, Kimmie, and Danny already have their own sites on there. My address is Woot.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

A Weekend in December

Last evening Mama and I went to a dessert theater in Springfield in which Christi was the leading lady of a comedy (Doc's Holiday) - it was enjoyable. Bruce, Kris, and family + Gary, Anne, and Mike + Grandma were also there. This morning we found a Christmas tree and hope to have it in tomorrow afternoon. This evening our home group is having a Christmas get together. Next week is a school staff progressive dessert on Tuesday, Friday evening a school/church staff celebration at our pastor's home, and Saturday a practice plus dinner for the church choir. And so it goes this time of year . . . I also have about 50 videos and a dozen or so DVD's to get listed on ebay (if you see any you want, you can get free shipping! Check out hiskidman on ebay to see what's up - I'm hoping to get them listed in the next few days).

Kinda interesting how Tim is getting caught up with double posting!

Hope you all are having a good weekend! God bless, Dad