Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Just wanted to show that even old dad can get up and take a picture or two in the middle of the night! But I wasn't up very long . . . was an interesting sight to see the reddish eclipsed moon at 3:30 AM.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

NLCC Reunion

Today was NLCCs 50th anniversary celebration. It was a lot of fun! I thought you might like to see some pictures from the day.
It was so much fun to see the Coffeys, Kim Jones, and many others of our friends -- some of whom have moved away or attend another church, and some of whom still attend NLCC. Just walking into the foyer was like going back in time. It felt like a family reunion (only better!)

The Coffeys were still the same. They were both happy to see everyone, too. Here's Dave taking pictures while Diane talked!
The service was started with worship team from the past, including Dave and Dan VanSlyke, and Cheryl at the keyboard. It was nice to have Dave leading worship again!!
After the old worship team, they had the young team that leads at the church lead a segment of worship -- reminded me of the worship I've heard at Joann's services in Bend.
Here's one of the old pastors :^)....

...and here is the current pastor, Tim Powlison. He seemed like a good pastor for New Life. We liked what we heard from him.
It was a good turn-out. (The empty seats in the front were for the worship team, etc). The church was full -- including the seats in the side section.
Here are all the pastors, past and present who have ministered there. You can barely see Kim Jones on the left by Shirley Yates. Dave and Jill York, Dan and Phyllis Ferguson (the first pastors of NLCC), Steve Sherman and wife (Sutherlin pastor now), The Powlisons, the Coffeys and Jerry Harrison.
Kim Jones with Ken and Kathy Walz.
I forgot to take pictures at the picnic in the afternoon -- except for these two! I had the camera with me, but was too busy getting caught up with lots of good friends to think of using it!
Yes. Ron Perkins still wears tie dye!!