Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter in Oregon

HE IS RISEN INDEED!!! Happy Easter to all. May your special day be blessed with thoughts of His Work for us rather than bunnies, eggs, and new clothes. We had a fairly short egg hunt across the street at the local park yesterday. The eggs were mostly in the wet grass, but the rain had stopped for a bit during the hunt. Lots of kids with baskets, mostly ten and younger. Our elderly neighbor lady came over on Friday in her bunny outfit - unfortunately I missed that occasion.

Back to school tomorrow for the last phase of another year. Pray it will be a good one - I want to impact young lives with Jesus in a way that will last beyond this year. I'm having some struggles enjoying teaching as much as normal - not sure why. I'm asking God to 'rekindle my flame', so I can do the best for the Lord and these students.

After school is out, I have plans to drive tractor for Jeff quite a bit this summer. Also the trip to Singapore. But next big item is Joann's graduation! Just a month away . . . time to get ready for church - God bless to all.

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