Thursday, April 14, 2005

Gobble - Gobble!!

Gobble - Gobble!!

A funny thing happened to me on the way to Eugene yesterday….

I was driving on hwy 99 and wasn’t far from Junction City when a flock of turkeys crossing the highway caused me to have to come to a complete stop and wait….

A pick-up coming from the other direction also slowed down, but was able to continue moving. But the moment I stopped moving, one of the turkeys started walking directly toward my car. He came right up to the bumper and was inspecting it (maybe he was eating bugs off of it, I don’t know!) The man in the pick-up was moving slowly, and watching the ‘birds’ with amusement. We both laughed when we looked at each other. Meanwhile, I was still sitting there….

So I honked, and the turkey just gobbled back at me!!
It was really funny!

I finally decided that the only thing that might work was if I would start moving, so I did that. SLOWLY I inched forward, and finally the turkey moved to the side of the car with the other male turkey that was doing his own inspection there. They walked along beside the car until I got far enough past that I could speed up and get away from them. I kept laughing out loud as I drove away from them. Turkey Shoot

A note of interest was that the females of the group quietly crossed the road and waited at a respectable distance. It was the males that were inspecting the car and ‘kicking the tires’!!

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