Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Naming the New Twist

We have settled on a name for our baby boy- Johnathon Wyatt Twist.

Johnathon means "God Has Given" and is in memory of both Grandpa Johan "John" Kjosness and Grandpa John "Jack" Twist. We will most likely call him Jack the most often, since that is a name that I have loved from way back, and it has significance to Matt's family.

Wyatt means "Brave" and is in memory of no one in particular, we just like it! It has a great rough and tumble country boy sound to it, and it really rolls off my tongue as I practice using his full name sternly to put the fear of his Mother into him!

We had his first name picked out long ago, but have struggled with the middle name until just this last weekend when the name Wyatt was suggested to Matt by a co-worker. We both liked it instantly, and once finding that it didn't have a depressing or silly definition, we decided to use it on the spot. The funny part of the story is that we have been joking about naming him Johnathon W. Twist after George W. Bush, and even going so far as to joke about spelling it "Dubaya". So it is quite comical that his middle initial WILL be a "W" after all. :)

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