Monday, October 24, 2005

Matt Christmas List

* New White or Dark dress socks -
he likes the Costco brand Kirkland's Signature
* New White T-shirts, size XL-
Kirkland Signature is again a good brand
* Work gloves are ALWAYS a good thing-
I swear he wears them out just by looking at them!
* T-shirts that have to do with the outdoors,
with the large image on the back, and the small image on the front
* Gift Certificates to Coastal, Bi-Mart, Harbor Freight Tools, Sears,
or any outdoor/farm supply place
* Batteries
* Black electrical tape
* Wire nuts
* Miscellaneous wood screws
* Craftsman (Sears) 3/8 socket set
this would make his year, and the Craftsman brand is important,
as it has a lifetime warranty, which he is sure to use

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