Friday, October 06, 2006

A Car, Bend, and Birthdays

Figured it's about time to push "Little Scandinavia" to the #2 position - it's been up for nearly two months! Probably no one will even see this new item for a while - gotten out of the habit of checking since nothing new shows up!

Mama and I found a car for Joann. "Pete", Joann's bright red Prizm, had motor difficulties too costly to be worth the dollars - it had well over 200,000 miles . . . she now has a '95 Toyota Tercel that we hope will capture her heart as Merlin and Pete did. But it may take a bit of time. Mama and I have been trying to figure out what to do with the CRG on the license plate . . . we thought perhaps there was a Craig in her future, but all the Craigs she knows are no longer available. You can enter your ideas on this site just to keep it interesting! How about 'Certifiably Righteous Girl' or 'C Renee Giggle' or 'Catch (the) Right Guy' or ?????? Let us know, Joann, when you have decided on an appropriate name for the car.

I'm doing a school staff retreat in Bend. It's been good so far - much better than expected, actually. Good direction, insights, fun times, food, etc. Tomorrow Marie and I take Joann with us to the birthdays celebration at Kim and Andy's. Look forward to seeing family and perhaps talking to Danny . . .

We are praying for you - for jobs, direction, wisdom, purpose, safety - let us know of specific requests so we can be more focused in our prayers.


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