Saturday, September 29, 2007

Our Labor Trip

Over Labor Day week-end we took a trip to visit dear friends from the past. I thought you might like to see some of the pictures we took:

First we visited the Cowdens in Seattle. Both the girls are living with Twila and Gary at present. Here are pictures of Amy and John and their two little boys, and of Rachel.
From there we went through Acme on the way to the Kaplans near Bellingham. We had to take pictures of our old house... and the little yellow transparent apple tree -- still quite small.

We were shocked to see the condition of the Morrises old house!!

Driving through Acme...
The old church and school building (vacant)

The Kaplans took us to see Duane and Ruby Cooper (our former pastor from Acme). They live in Bellingham now and seem well. When Jim was taking the picture of all of us, Duane requested that we try to make it look like he isn't shorter than all of us....
We also visited Julie and Dave Mitchell,
and then the Rich and Melody Morris and Carol Fentress came to visit at Kaplan's with us.
It was a fun week-end. Things have sure changed since our Acme days!! -- mostly all for the better.

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