Thursday, September 18, 2008

Be It Ever So Humble...

Well, we’re in our apartment! We moved in on Tuesday (with help from Andy, Kim and little Donny, who had to be confined to a playpen since he was determined to be outside).
We still have a lot to do, but keep working on it and are finding places for the things we brought here, knowing it’s a much smaller place than we’ve been in (and also knowing that as soon as Jim has a job and our house sale in JC is finalized, we'll be looking for a house and moving again!) I’m having to be creative to find slots for everything – especially in the kitchen.

But the place that some of the things are going to is back to the storage unit we have here in Vancouver! So now we have ‘stuff’ in 3 places: The shop back in our Junction City house is still half full of furniture, etc;

The storage unit, which is quite full (some of the ‘stuff’ there belongs to Joann and to Timmy, though);

The apartment.

But we have two bedrooms, and are almost ready for company! If you come, I promise to have the guest room ready for you.

I’ll post some more pics as soon as we get better settled.

No job yet for Jim. I’ve kept him pretty busy this week moving and setting things up, helping to unpack, and settling in, etc.
Thanks for checking in with us, and for your continued prayers for direction to the right job.


Beth Twist said...

It looked much bigger in your sketch. :)

Marie said...

Yes. I thought it looked bigger, too. I guess I was drawing the furniture too small! But it's better than a corner of a living room. Actually I think we'll be fairly comfortable here for awhile (but hopefully not too many months).

A Servant's Heart In Dixie said...

"Any home can be a piece of Heaven, as long as God has His Hands, and your hearts in it."

It looks cute, comfy, and filled with good light! Have fun in it while you're there.