Saturday, November 08, 2008

Fort Vancouver

A couple of weeks ago the weather was good (probably the last really good day for doing anything outside for awhile), and we went to visit Fort Vancouver. Since we live here now, we thought it would be a good thing to see. I thought it was fascinating, and hope to go back when they're giving tours and all the buildings are open to go inside. The original fort was burned down, so what is there now is reconstructed. But it sits on the same site and the buildings that have been built are accurate as to what was there before. a lot of the articles in the buildings were actually recovered by archeologists who excavated the original site.

After touring as much as we could inside the fort, we went to "Old Apple Tree Park" (nearby) and saw what is reported to be the oldest apple tree in the territory. I expected something bigger than this.

We walked under the railroad tracks to get to the tree. I thought it was quite picturesque....

... as was the river just before sunset.

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