Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Grandchildren

Here are some recent pictures of our 6 precious grandchildren. We are so blessed! And we're so enjoying each of the little ones. We only wish we could see Aaron more often!

Everlyn Holly Rose Shire - born April 1, 2009 (Kim's)

Beniah - now 5 months old (Timmy's)

Katie - now 15 months old (Beth's)

Donny - now 22 months old (Kim's)

Aaron - our Singapore boy was 3 in February (Danny's)

Jack was 3 last December (Beth's)

Like father, like son!! (Timmy and Beniah)
Comparing 15 month old Katie and 5 month old Beniah -- not a lot of difference -- except that Katie is more petite.
Katie, Beth, Jack, Beniah and Timmy

Beth and Auntie Jo with the little ones

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