Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Fourth of July Fun

I'm exactly a month late posting this, but wanted to share these pictures with you. On theThird of July the family gathered at Beth's house for a fun day, ended with Oregon approved fireworks... (not very exciting fireworks, but still a lot of fun).

Here is Jim with his two sons, Danny and Timmy.

M-m-m-m! S'mores!! Here are Betsy and Aaron with theirs. This was Aaron's first time to have them. He wasn't too sure about the mess...
Jack didn't seem to mind it quite as much. In the end, they both enjoyed the yumminess of them! (and so did I, but hopefully I didn't get as messy!!)

Sparklers! They are such a delightful, if short-lived, thing! Here is Aaron enjoying doing one with his Daddy Danny.

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