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Christmas lists - 2009

For those of you who aren't our kids or their families, you can skip this post and check out our pictures and other things of interest after this. Thanks for checking in with us!


Now for the Whittaker family:

Christmas is coming…

You know what that means?

It’s time to make lists

Of our hopes and our dreams.


Visions of sugar plums

And all of that stuff

The things we could buy

If we just had enough


Let’s try to be modest

Not unthinking slobs,

Remembering that most of us

Right now don’t have jobs


It’s being together

That gives the most joy

But I want to give something

To each girl and each boy


Giving is special

E’en if it’s a ball

But if you’re a girl

You might get a doll.


So put on your thinking caps

And list what you want

Send it to me

And I’ll post it on the blog....




Mug tree to sit on kitchen counter (like a ‘clothes tree’, but holds several mugs)

Blanket with ‘arms’ to wrap up in while reading or watching TV, etc

Teacup tower (holds two or three or more teacups and saucers)

A calendar with pictures of my grandkids and kids :^)

You can surprise me with something that you make or see somewhere that you think I would like.


Really doesn't need anything.


Loves fuzzy, colorful socks

Loves musical theater and Shakespeare on DVD

Loves new clothes in size XL or 16

Loves handmade treasures with sentimental value



Movies on Blu-Ray (We own "Snow White" & "UP" so far)

Books by David McCullough

"The Johnstown Flood"

"The Great Bridge"

"The Path Between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal"

"Brave Companions: Portraits in History"

"Mornings on Horseback"


The Simpsons seasons on DVD (Already own 1-5, 7, 8)

Wii Points (gift card)

iTunes gift card

WalMart gift cards

Fred Meyer gift cards


Wii Games

Guitar Hero 5

Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits

Super Mario Bros. Galaxy

Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Trilogy

other Wii games



Nerds candy (Grape/Strawberry)

Sour Patch Kids candy

Red Bull (the drink. not Babe's arch nemesis)



Doesn't need much. We have toys galore...


Clothes sized 6-9 months and up (she's in 3-6 month right now)

Diapers sized 2 and up

Girl specific toys



Also doesn't need anything.


Clothes sized 3T fit right now, as well as some 4Ts

Loves the alphabet

Loves Elmo and the Ses' Street gang

Loves numbers




Things most often spoken of with longing by Jack:

Thomas and the Great Discovery DVD

Take Along Thomas- Annie and Clarabelle

Disney Cars- Frank

Play Doh set such as this

He isn’t old enough to be paying attention to gift quantities, so if any two or more parties want to go in on one of the above for him, it would not be a bad thing. Some of them are inexpensive- others may be more than 1 person wants to pay.

Please avoid clothing purchases for this kid, unless you are very certain that it will fit him, or you have a son that would benefit from him growing out of it rapidly. J I am having a very challenging time keeping him in clothes, and would prefer that your hard-earned cash be spent in a more productive manner.

Other Take Along Thomas vehicles he does NOT have: Culdee, Bill & Ben, Jack, Murdoch, Fergus, Daisy, Hero, Breakdown Train and Flatbed, Rosie, Iron ‘Arry and Iron Bert, Gordon, Spencer, Edward, Henry, Stepney, Oliver, Bertie the Bus, Sir Topham Hat in car, Max and Monty

If you have other ideas aside from this list, feel free to follow your heart.




Things that I think Katie would enjoy having for her very own:

Melissa & Doug Wooden Sandwich Making Set

Melissa & Doug Playtime Fruits

Mr. Potato Head (or Mrs. Potato Head)

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Sing with Me CD Player

Rub a Dub Sticker for the Tub

A Katie-sized apron with big pockets

Little Helper Broom set (or something similar)

Katie likes to read books, but has WAY too many already (is that possible?). She really doesn’t care to play with stuffed animals or dolls that much- they are really only good for hurling across the room, in her humble opinion. She does, however, love to imitate anything that her Mama does, and is actually quite helpful when it comes to laundry sorting and dishwasher unloading.

She still has clothing that was given to her last Christmas that she is just starting to wear, so again, although I greatly appreciate gifts of clothing, unless you check with me first on brand/size, please don’t get any for her. Little Miss Skinny can’t wear some brands at all without altering (a chore I would rather not take on).



Matt and Beth would be content with NO gifts. But, since you probably don’t like that idea, here are a few suggestions. The following would be great for a “couple” gift:

Gift Certificate for movie/music retailers. Also or Amazon.


Beth would like anything (or anything similar to) listed in her etsy favorites:

JC Penney gift certificates toward the purchase of the most perfect Christmas dishes I have ever seen.

Please avoid cosmetics, soaps, lotions, and perfumes, unless it is Burt’s Bees chapstick (pomegranate or mint), of which I cannot seem to have enough. Every other variety of girly stuff seems to just sit in my cabinet taking up space.


Matt can always use good sturdy work gloves, and also likes the brown all cotton variety. I know this seems boring, but really… he likes getting them.

John Deere logo gear is always good, although he prefers t-shirts without huge logos on the front.

Any kind of nail/screw sorting storage system might be nice for his woodshop. He already has some with pull-out drawers, but he has a pretty serious collection of odds and ends, so more couldn’t hurt.

Books by Patrick McManus that he DOESN’T have:

Never Cry “Arp!” and Other Great Adventures

Kerplunk! Stories

Into the Twilight, Endlessly Grousing

Real Ponies Don’t Go Oink!

Peppered Beef Jerky also makes him very happy.


OK, so Christmas lists:


Chronological Study Bible -

Amazon wish list -



Amazon wish list -



Puzzles - NOT toddler puzzles, nice 100+ piece kids puzzles

Board Games

Will add more if we think of them.

Love you!




Movies (DVD style):

The Time Traveler's Wife

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


Seasons 5-7 of Friends


Books (I prefer soft covers, if available):

the new Robert Jordan book ("The Gathering Storm")

"Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" by Winifred Watson

"A Short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson

"Teaching a Stone to Talk" by Annie Dillard


Music (CD or iTunes gift):

"Glee - The Music, Volume 2" (I already have volume 1)

"The Avalanche" Sufjan Stevens


Gift Cards:


Forever 21


Regal Cinemas or Cinetopia



Really fancy-pants camera lens (because we are all so rich right now:)

Wide-angle (aka Fish Eye) camera lens (I know, fancy-pants)

Something you think I'd really, really love


Tim and Heather: The Office season 5 (this can definitely be our only gift from everybody)




Muse -- any album

Brand New—Daisy

Gift cards to music stores


Brandon Sanderson--Hero of Ages

Chalmers A. Johnson -- Blowback

Ron Paul -- End the Fed

F.A. Hayek -- The Road to Serfdom

James T. Patterson -- Mr. Republican

Frederic Bastiat -- The Law

Dress shirts for office work (Medium)



Potting Soil (no pots please, I have a bunch in the bomb shelter)

Heather plant

Indoor Fern (or at least a hardy one that could be difficult to kill)

12x12 scrapbooking pages with top loading covers.

A drawer system to hold 12x12 scrapbooking pages and other paraphernalia.

Gift card to any photo developing store (for my scrap book)

Good Books

Gift card to Old Navy

Earrings and Necklaces that don’t scream “I’m in highschool!”

Pictures of my family to go up on our wall – black wood frames please.





Anything Musical

Please no clothing. We have an overabundance of clothes.

Sippy cups. We never seem to have enough.

He is very easy to please, so you can give him whatever you feel like even if it’s just a box.


If anyone wants to add to their lists, send the additions to me and I'll get them added in.

Jim (Daddy/Grandpa):

We're still waiting for your list. Send them to me, and I'll add them to this post. 'hoping to hear from you soon.

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