Saturday, December 05, 2009

Family Tree Hunt

We had our annual tree search today, and it was fun because Joann, Donny, Heather, Timmy and Beniah came with us. It was a cold morning, with frost still on the trees, and crunchy mud underfoot. But we were all bundled up and ready for a great time.

Donny and Beniah thought these trees were just the right size....
"I want this one..."

Donny was very excited to see dinosaurs! At least that's what he thought the wooden reindeer were!

Donny in the dinosaur sleigh!!

Heather and Beniah

The whole family watching 'Grandpa' cut down THE tree.

Beniah met a new little friend. Donny was a bit more timid about it and stayed in Auntie Jo's arms!

Timmy wasn't really holding any weight on this tree -- a fact that his dad proved when he sprinted away carrying it alone. Donny was a bit frightened by the sight of his Grandpa running after him with a tree!!


"Grandpa, what are you doing?!!"

"I don't want these socks on..."

"...and you can't make me wear them!!"


"Yum!! Candy cane!!"

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