Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tea Party

One of the fun things I've looked forward to with my grandchildren is having tea parties.   So it was a lot of fun to put this little party together and take it to Katie's house when I was going to care for her on May 16.  We even dressed up for the occasion. 

Katie didn't know what I was doing when I had her stay upstairs while I got everything set up, but as you can see, she was delighted with the surprise! 

The "tea" was really juice.   And those little cheese circles were yummy (as were all the other tiny treats).

And when it was all over, she loved washing the dishes while I dried them and put them away.

We were alone, and I couldn't get the timer on my camera to work right, so I took a picture of her, and she took one of me, then I put them together. 

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Donna K said...

How sweet. I used to do things like that when my grand girls were little. Precious memories. Great job on putting the photos together!!