Thursday, December 01, 2005

Kim's List of Dreams (UPDATED 12/10)

This list is being posted by Kimberly's secretarial friend, a Mr. Bad Andy. The following comes from the mind of Kim.... via scribbles on some paper.

LOST (Season 1)
any old black & white Shakespeare movies

For the Kitchen:
silverware (our pattern has returned to Target)
sea salt grinder to match our kitch (stainless steel, red, or clear)
red blender (or orange)
red or orange stand mixer
red or orange tea kettle
red ice cream scoop
Henkel knives (already have two 4" parers, bread knife, and 8" knife)
basic cookbook

children's theatre books
fantasy series books
"Discarded Image" -- C.S. Lewis

picture frames
400 or more thread count queen sheets, red/gold, with deep pockets
gift cards -- fabric stores

RENT soundtrack (to the movie)
Ben Taylor

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