Monday, April 10, 2006

OK, alone no more!

OK Robin, I'll return, just to say hi, and thanks for getting something going here again. Apparently the rest of the family is too busy with their individual blogs to post here. . . oh, wait, they don't update those either! Maybe they all forgot their passwords?? Or their computers got the new "don't blog" virus and they haven't been able to erradicate it! I don't know.

Things are going better here lately, we had a rough weekend with me going home early on Friday with a VERY sharp pain in my abdominal area, the right side. . . Ended up going to the hospital just to be safe and found it was just some type of abdominal bug causing spasms (and not appendicitis). I got some pills to help take care of it, but was still pretty much incapable of doing much until Saturday evening. This made life rather stressful for Betsy, taking care of two of us. Sunday I was feeling a bit better and was able to give Betsy a break though, taking Aaron to HarbourFront (a nearby mall) for about 3 hours to do a little grocery shopping, but mostly just to give Betsy a break. It was quite fun and we may have to make it a regular date! This week is SAT testing here at the school, so I was able to come in late on Monday so I could stay and help Betsy in the morning as well. I think we are pretty much back to normal now. The pain in my side is only VERY slight and only occasionally felt now.

Love you all, can't wait to see you in 58 days, 16 hours!

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