Monday, May 29, 2006

A Memorial Day

Nothing really out of the ordinary today here in Junction City, except I'm home and the rain has stopped for a day - been too wet to mow the lawn lately, so I'll be doing that this evening (waiting 'til evening so it has time to dry more). Lots of change coming, though . . . last week of school, then our school has a bow shoot this Saturday that I help at - about 40 targets are set up on a farm in the hills east of Junction City, mostly in wooded areas. The targets are some kind of rubberized 'statues' of animals (deer, bear, cougar, etc.) that the bow hunters can shoot at - it's quite a deal . . . last year about 180 came despite it being our first year and poor weather. We're hoping for 400 this year - weather is supposed to be better . . . made over $10,000 last year - hope for much more this year.

After the bow shoot, I hope to drive tractor some (weather permitting), then Danny, Betsy, and Aaron arrive. Then Timmy's wedding preparations and actual event - so it will be a busy June! God bless!

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