Sunday, January 13, 2008

Katherine Pearl Twist

Our little Katie was born to Beth and Matt Twist at 11:45 AM on January 10. Grandma Whittaker got to go take care of Katie's "big brother", Jack while the big event was taking place. Then when Katie was only 2 hours old, she received her first visitor -- brother Jack. After the initial meeting, Grandma got to join the family, hold her precious granddaughter, and take some pictures. Following are some pictures of that day and the next day when Katie came home.

Katie and Beth bonding.

A sweet family picture

The Twist family

Jack is delighted with his little sister!

Grandma is delighted with her sweet little Katie!

Daddy and brother admiring Katie
About 1/2 hour before Katie arrived home, Grandma let Jack see a slide show of pictures from his visit the day before. He really enjoyed the pictures. And when they arrived home, he was excited to see Mama and Daddy and again was fascinated with his baby sister.

Sweet Baby Katie!!

You can see Beth's account and pictures of the day by going to

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