Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Visiting the Grandkids

There was no school on Monday, January 21 (MLK Day), so on Sunday we went up to Kim's to visit there. Then on Monday, Kim and Donny joined us as we went out to Beth's for the afternoon. What fun it was to have the babies together!!
The only thing that would have made it better was if Aaron could have been there, too (along with his mama and daddy of course! We miss them all!)

Jack was quick to come to Donny's side and greet him.
Here they are checking each other out.

Here's Grandpa -- his first time to see little Katie, who was 11 days old.

Sweet Baby Katie!

Grandpa and Grandma Whittaker with the two youngest of our grandchildren.

Oh, this Grandma loved being with the little ones! I could have stayed a lot longer, but we had to go home so Grandpa could be at his job the next day....

Just before we left, Jack pulled Grandpa into the TV room to watch "Cars" with him. Looks like all 3 of the 'boys' are enjoying the show!

We look forward to this summer when Danny and Betsy will be here with Aaron. It will be fun to have all 4 of our grandchildren together!


Marie said...

Nobody ever comments on my posts, so I'll do it myself.... :^)
Aren't those cute kids?!! And what a great post. I love it!

Dad said...

The grandkids grandma is quite a looker, too!