Monday, June 30, 2008

Moving update

This is our 10X20 storage unit in Vancouver after the first van load up there. We've added some more things, plus Joann has brought a car load from Bend for HER move and has it in there, too.

It doesn't look like much, but we ARE making progress. We plan to take another van FULL on Thursday on our way to visit the Kaplans.

The latest is that it seems that we have a sale of our house in the making. Friends from our church here came over yesterday and proposed it to us. They need to be out of their rental house in two weeks, and would like to rent our house until their financing comes through. Then they would buy it. Their financing is in the works now and could be up to 6 months before it happens. They would love to make a deal with us, and we are feeling that with the housing situation as it is now, it would be better to do this with them than to have the house sitting empty after we leave -- for 'who knows how long?'. We meet with them again Wednesday evening to talk about the particulars, and will probably go ahead with the deal unless something comes up to show us we shouldn't.

But that doesn't mean moving in two weeks. They have a place they can stay temporarily. We're thinking mid-August would work for us. Still not having a job in the Portland area makes us a little reluctant to 'up and move' when we don't know where we should settle up there. If nothing comes up in the meantime, we would probably keep most of our stuff in storage and rent an apartment or something until there's a job.

'Time will tell' with all of this. By mid-august, Jim may have his job and we can buy the house we want to stay in. We're not excited about moving twice, but will do it if necessary.

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