Sunday, June 08, 2008


Well, it's finally happening....
School is over for the year. Jim has given his notice, and we're moving to be closer to our girls and the grandchildren! It's rather bittersweet because we love our home and living in Junction city, and have enjoyed being close to Marie's family. BUT... We are so looking forward to being with our own family.

Again we're leaving Timmy behind. But this time he has a wife (and a baby on the way). We'll miss being close to them, too. But are hopeful that when he finishes school in March that they too will be moving to the Portland area.

No job yet, though there is an interview set up for this week. We'll see what happens on that. We'd really like to be somewhere between Beth and Kim....

Now begins the monumental task of sorting, packing, getting the house ready to sell, etc. Today we loaded the van with the first load of things to go to a storage unit up there somewhere. We figure that each time we go we can take a load of things and make the final move a little easier. Plus, we'd be getting the extra clutter out of this place so it will show better for selling.

Tomorrow we'll go up, get a storage place and unload our things, spend a couple of nights at Kim's and go to the interview. Then on Wednesday Jim will go to put in a few days of tractor driving for his brother while Marie goes out to visit Beth and her little ones. We'll head back home on Friday and try to get the house ready and up for sale.

It seems like we'll have a pretty busy summer. 'Wanna come help?

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