Sunday, January 04, 2009

Christmas with the Whittakers

We didn't have our family Christmas celebration until New Year's Eve -- not an uncommon thing for us. We like to spread our Christmas out and make it last!!
On the 29th, Tim and Heather came to spend some time in our apartment with us. We loved having them and little Beniah here. We babysat Kim's Donny on the 30th. He wasn't sure what to think of his little cousin. When Beniah cried, Donny would run to the kitchen to get away.

Here we thought he was showing a bit of interest, but just when I was ready to take the picture, he exclaimed, "Elmo!" and started playing with the toy on the front of Beniah's chair. Beniah seemed more interested in Donny than Donny was in him.

The youngest family member.
"Santa Baby"

We had a few extended family and friends join us this year. This is our dear sis-in-law, Kathy and friend, Dave.

Jack really likes his little cousin.

Our little darling, Katie melts our hearts. She's so precious!

This was a fun photo shoot!! The ages of our little ones and the varied personalities made it difficult to get everyone looking in the same direction at the same time. There were at least 5 cameras flashing pics and all the adults (except Grandma who was holding Beniah in place) grouped in front of the little ones trying to capture their attention. Then Katie was done and climbing down, and it was all over -- in a flash!

Katie, Donny, Jack and Beniah. Aren't they cute?!!

We always have fondue. Yummy!

Kim and Heather

Jack and Uncle Timmy

Jim with his brother, Jeff

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