Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sweet Katie's Birthday

On January 10, Katie turned one year old. It's amazing how fast this first year has flown! We got to help celebrate the day by attending her party along with the other grandparents and some of Katie's aunts and uncles.
Beth made a butterfly cake since that seems to be one of Katie's interests at this point in her young life.

Hmm! Pretty!
Should I touch it?

So dainty! This was about as far as she got with the frosting. She didn't like the feel of it. Beth had changed her to this outfit for the cake just in case she really got sticky, but the most she did was to get frosting on her finger and then wipe it off onto her leg! And she lost interest fairly quickly.

The rest of us enjoyed the cake! It was another of Beth's yummy recipes. Mmmmmm!


Pat Collum said...

We did this same cake thing with our children when they were one. We have pictures, too. They really got into it though. They had it in their hair, etc. Sweet memories.

Asia said...

Thanks for visting my blog. I like yours too.