Tuesday, May 15, 2012

April Birthdays

 April was the birthday month of some very special people in our family.  It started with Evie's third birthday on April 1st.  We loved celebrating with her!
Evie is Three!!

"Blow out the candles!  I want a cupcake!"

 She had a lot of fun too! 

Evie, Elijah, Beniah, Katie, Donny, Jack, Great-Grandma & Samwise 

 Then on the 20th we celebrated the birthdays of Matt Twist and Heather Whittaker (birthdays on April 17) and Andy Shire (April 19). 

All the kids gathered around to watch the opening of gifts.  Even Evie got a late gift. 
"Happy birthday to us!"  Andy, Matt and Heather

It wasn't Katie's birthday, but she got a great pair of PINK cowboy boots from a cousin.  Nice!! 

SO....  who has the next birthday?  These parties are fun! 

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