Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Whooooos Having a Baby?

 We had a shower at our house on May 12 to honor Joann and her coming baby, Clara Clementine Boswell -- due July 27.

It was mostly family with some close friends.  Lots of fun!  

Little miss Evie is looking forward to meeting her new cousin.  
 The youngest guests at the shower gathered close to deliver gifts to Joann and watch the fun as she opened them. 
The owl cupcakes really made a hit with everyone....

Grandpa enjoyed his little granddaughters, Evie and Katie -- out on the deck.  He wasn't brave enough to really attend the shower!
...and Samwise loved those sweet little muffins!
 Clara's boy cousins, Donny, Jack and Beniah, spent most of the time playing games on the I-phone while the rest of us were watching the gift opening and visiting.

Here's the sweet new Mama...

Owl be seeing you!

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Kim Shire said...

You are so cute, Mama! "Owl be seeing you!" Ha!