Friday, February 18, 2005

From Andy's Xanga Site

Just in case you aren't keeping up on Andy's Xanga site, I have taken the liberty of copying his most recent entry because it had me laughing hard, and was such a picture of the Whittaker family life...

"So, I was going to post something generic tonight after the day was complete, but lately I've been doing too many posts of that ilk. Fortunately, an interesting topic came my way by chance. I was watching the special features for the aforementioned movie, and stretched my arms out behind my head. While doing so, my wedding ring slipped off my finger and fell down behind me into the bowels and dark recesses of Kim's old style couch, which has been in her family for a long time. Well, while digging for my ring, I came up with a list of more than a few interesting items. I plan to list them all so you can get the full picture of what is now sitting on the coffee table for Kim to see when she gets home. Here is what I found:

a pair of ear plugs
toenail clippers (not clippings)
a wooden orange bead
a plastic USA flag
a business card for a climbing wall place in Roseburg, OR
four pencils
a paper clip
1/2 of a yellow ping pong ball
a Lego piece
the corner piece to a jigsaw puzzle
The Queen of Hearts (her card, not the Queen herself)
2 marbles
misc. candy & beverage wrappers
1 nickel
2 pennies
a Looney Tunes Cracker Jack "toy"
a plastic knife and spoon
1997 Taco Bell contest sticker for the movie Batman & Robin
a toy ring with purple "stone" on it
balloon fragments
a weird token/coin with a goat on it & the word "Cope"
a barrette (sp?)
a cardboard flap from a cereal box top
an upholstrey nail (a close call on the puncture wound)
toy bike handlebars
a pen cap
a piece of metal (probably part of the couch)
2 plastic shoes for someone's toy doll(s)
a plastic soccer zipper pull? w/ Danny's name & phone #
misc. plastic pieces
a rubber band
several yellow & white pegs for some board game
a Snapple lid
an index card with some writing on it
a "hook-things-on" screw
a tennis ball

and the REAL kicker.....


Anyway, I felt like quite the archaeologist this afternoon. Oh yeah, I found the ring eventually too."

I don't know about you, but I am thinking that maybe Andy needs to become the curator of the first ever Whittaker Historical Society! :)

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