Thursday, February 03, 2005

Thanks for Praying

Thanks for praying. Yes, it was a shock for the whole church community, and there is a lot of emotion about Kathy's death. It seems that she had a massive heart attack. As far as her Kim knows, she never had heart trouble at all. It was obviously God's timing to take her Home. I know that God didn't take her one minute before He already had it planned for her, and He and she are both rejoicing in her being with Him. But its so hard for her family especially.

The 'Celebration of her life' will be on Sunday morning instead of our regular worship service. She once attended a service like that and made the comment that that is what she wanted for herself, too. There will a private family burial on Monday. So those times will be good times to be praying, too.

Kim asked me to do a cake for the family dinner on Monday. She wants Kathy's faviorite cake -- lemon poppyseed cake with lemon filling and cream cheese frosting. And she wants pink roses, and however I want to decorate it. I'm praying about how to decorate it. What do you put on a cake for an occasion like that? I've never done a cake for a funeral before....

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