Saturday, February 05, 2005

A Weekend in Junction City

It's a relaxing/busy weekend! Times to relax, and times of being committed to 'stuff'. There was no school yesterday, since our big fund-raiser at school (the auction) is today, and space and time was needed to put it together. Today starts calmly, but this afternoon I'm greeting at the auction, while mama helps with the dinner. Our school has a budget deficit at this point, so we're hoping for a great auction financially to give a boost. They brought in $20-25,000 last year. I'm hoping for $40,000 this year . . . Tomorrow is Kathy Perry's memorial service and both of us have parts, plus help with clean-up. Then back to school on Monday.

Hope all is well with you - and remember to do special things for those you love for Feb. 14th!!!!

God bless

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