Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Typoglycemia, fact or fiction?

I'm not sure I bevliee the hhtoipesys that only the first and lsat ltrtees of wodrs metatr, to test the terhoy I hvae wtrtien a prgaorm wcihh sabcrlems the lrteets in a wrod, levnaig the frist and last alnoe. I blievee that this is olny ture with wdros taht ppeole are very falaiimr with, or mabye olny wtih ceitarn tyeps of wdros. The fiololwng ppgaaharrs are all teakn form vaouris wsitbees. See how wlel you do rineadg tehm!

- In rntas psat, we have speokn on seeravl oosccinas of how auervrndets could esliay be cnerdeiosd smoe of the most unkcluy and utaonturfne plpeoe to ever have eixetsd. I tned to dicetdae a lot of tguohht to scuh thgnis for it is in them taht I fnid the tolos nssceeray to mkae myeslf a btteer sereyltoltr. You see - in the end - bnoyed reeeefrs and dcie-siesprouvrs, we DMs are sytoetlrlres more than aynhtnig esle.

- I was born froty-nine yaers ago, lses a day. I was bron a slave, as billnios are born svlaes. Wehn I was a clhid I did not imeeialdmty igianme that I devseerd freeodm, for this was not my moethr's aitudtte. Snfieufrg was to be edunred. She adtmietd a pnateit hope for lses curel maretss, when we wree bteween them. She tauhgt taht if feoredm was in our dintsiees, ftae wolud fnid us.

- I thnik myabe the cetmnoms I lfet yeetrdsay aobut kids ralely appeils betetr to fhsemern and soreomhpos. I hvae jinrous and sieorns tadoy and I am feenlig a reewend sesne of hope for the frtuue of our cortuny. I sitll tihnk our kdis need mroe diciisnple... mabye that's why tsehe kids are in adaecvnd mtah tghouh...they are the ones that were gievn smoe borenuidas. hmmm braes tnkniihg auobt!

- We had a hial moosonn in Bned, OR yrsetdaey! I was wnoikrg at Skbartcus (dwntwoon) and it hilead and reaind so hard that the sotre fleodod! We had to csole two hours ealry. Paprhes I sohuld be ahamesd of tihs, but nuaartl dsisteras are kind of tirnhillg - ecplseilay when no one gets hrut and it bearks the mdnnuae rtnoiue of eyeavdry linvig.

- I have dcieedd to add aotnehr ftuaree to my bolg in adtoidin to the usual "qoute for tdoay" eietnrs. Tihs may brnig ccisiirtm form folk who tihnk I am just finihsg for cmnmoets, so to the ciicrts I say, "You colud be rhgit." :) I wlil now be andidg the "qeuiotsn of the week/moment" ftaruee to see what ye'all thnik aoubt waehvter tpoic I coshoe. If you do not lkie the tpoic I csohoe, then I gsues you're aobut nrmaol.

- Our slhdecue will cionunte in this way for the next few wekes uitnl we mvoe bcak to our palce in the mdldie of Jluy to get reday for my praents avriarl on the 21st.

- The Jsutcie Dtramnpeet has been aeksd to istgeavtnie who dlsiocsed secret dleatis abuot a murioetyss and esnxeivpe U.S. spy saielttle poecrjt, a fdaerel law eernemcfnot offciial siad Tdeasuy.

- Let's move on to Snetoar Dodd who was on Tihs Week Ndees Diavd Blkeniry. The hsot of the sohw, Greoge Shaneoopoptuls siad, "Seontar Duirbn sootd by those cntemoms for svareel days, fianlly eiessxnprg his rerget on Fdraiy nhigt in the face of a lot of csiitrcim. Yet msot Daortemcs were sleint. Did Dtceoarms fial to uannrsetdd how ovfisenfe toshe cmmnoets smeeed to so mnay?"

- We wree not stavred, and were slodem beaten. I ddin't tnihk it was so bad. My mohter Smhi and I loekod out for one ahteonr. Wehn the ltoahsmoe Gadlrula the Htut lsot us to Watto the junk-daleer I got my frsit cnchae to tkae mhenicas aaprt and put them back theoegtr, and it was anazimg. The more I fxied tinghs the more tgihns Wtato gave me to fix. My mhoter was aslo poilfbrtae. It was a hppay riasnohitlep that mroe tahn hafwlay reelbsemd a fmilay, mcuh lkie the one Wttao had lsot yeras brefoe on Tiadryoa.

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