Saturday, July 23, 2005


Saturday gave us some reason why it's called Singapore - the rain 'pored' at times while Mama reenacted a portion of 'Singing in the Rain' - even had an umbrella! We didn't do much going as weekends tend to be extra crowded with more tourists along with all the nationals. We 'hung out' in the apartment some, Betsy and mama took a walk to the store while Danny and I played 'Snooker' (a form of pool with a larger table, more balls, more difficult to hit pockets, but a fun game - Danny won the first game, I got revenge in game two . . .). Betsy and mama also spent some time in the pool, but it started raining before Danny and I finished pool so we didn't get in the pool. Singapore gets almost 100 inches of rain a year on average, double that of Eugene. But it's a warm rain - never need for a jacket, but umbrellas are used a lot, both for rain and shade.

Today we go to church and dinner and ???? with Danny and Betsy plus some other staff from the school Danny teaches at. More later. God bless to all.

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