Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Singapore, Wednesday, July 27th

Rainy weather has been the highlight of sorts, although it looks better (and warmer!) today. It's interesting to look out the balcony window to see thick clouds, rain (at times heavy) - you think it is November in Oregon until stepping outside to feel the heat and humidity - like a sauna! Yesterday was cool for here - high of 86 or so. We've played Danny's new game twice now, watched DVD's, computer work (internet, journaling, games), and relaxed. Not sure what we'll do today - perhaps Sendosa Island, perhaps visit 'Little India' and 'Little China'.

Lots of little interesting sidelights - the taxi driver who has worked five years straight, 10 - 12 hour shifts, ZERO days off! Or the security guard who spends 17 hours EVERY day in work (12 hours), comute time (3 hours), and prayer (2 hours - he's Muslim) - No days off or weekends to relax. Leaves 7 hours a day for meals, shopping, recreation, family, sleep, business . . . hard to imagine. I'm sure he can do some things during the comute and some during slow time at security work, but still a tough life. Don't know what his family situation is like . . .

Hope all is well with you. We're enjoying our time, enduring the heat.

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