Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Wednesday, Singapore time, we went to Sentosa Island via cable car. Magnificent views of city, harbor, cruise ships, etc.! Spent time at a beach swimming and relaxing. No shudders as you go into the water - it's almost bathwater warm. No surf to speak of though with many islands in the area. Fun watching kids - one group of teens was using chop sticks to try to catch leaves dropped from a ten foot high lookout by their friends! Fun youth group activity idea! It is very hard to do, judging from what I saw here. Sentosa Island is the southern most point of mainland Asia, 137 kilometers north of the equator, and part of Singapore.

We completed the evening with a laser light fountain show on Sentosa - quite interesting what they can do! Got a few pictures that came out OK to share later.

Hope all is well - we have a relaxed day planned, partly due to high temp predictions.

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