Monday, August 08, 2005

Home Again!

We made it home OK, though an hour delay to our Seoul - Seattle departure due to maintenance needs caused us to miss our connecting flight to Portland, so we got a later flight (which was also delayed!), so we finally reached Portland about 5:30 instead of 2:50. But Kim was there with Megan and Caleb, took us to Matt and Beth's (I slept much of the trip), then spent the night there with Grandma K. and the two kids, then we took Grandma and kids to visit Holly. We were there for several hours, then home about 7:15. We checked mail, etc. then to bed about 11 - slept in 'til about 9! Lots of little 'catch ups' to do today.

It was tough seeing Holly - she is very pale and weak and emotional. Wonders why a loving God doesn't answer her prayers for healing, help her to just be a 'normal kid'. She was up in a wheelchair part of the time we were there, but didn't talk much. Mostly she just likes to be a part of hearing the interactions of family (except any arguing between younger siblings!). She had a quick (15 minute) dressing change yesterday just before we left - they put her to sleep to do it because it is quite traumatizing otherwise. Both Kris and Bruce are weary - Kris lacks sleep since Holly is only comfortable with mom helping her for some things, so she never gets extended sleep time. Bruce is trying to keep up with home, his sick elderly dad, plus work. It's good having grandma there to help with kids during the day and that's been going well. Marie will probably help some there, may go to try help Kris later this week. I'm busy catching up on mail, bills, house, etc. - hope to stop by school today to see how it's going there. Looks like no more tractoring with my brother Jeff this summer - there's less to do than he'd hoped. So I'll find things to do here, start getting ready for school, etc. Marie and I have a trip with friends to Yellowstone planned for Aug. 23 - 27 - should be interesting!

Time to go for now - hope all is well. Pray for Holly and family.

God bless

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