Tuesday, August 02, 2005


It's Danny's birthday here - he's 28. Got up about 7 AM to check internet, especially to see if any updates on Holly. She still has not had the surgery dressing fix as she's not critical and the doctors are busy on other traumas at present. After Danny got up, we finished watching, via internet, a Mariner victory, then walked the 3/4 mile up then downhill to the local mall for money exchange and groceries. When we got back, I was rather sweaty, so took a cold shower (Marie said I needed one! :) - a cold shower means not turning on the heater, so you get normal tap temperature. Here that is about the same as the water in the swimming pool, probably about 80 degrees. Feels cool when first in, but good as soon as adjusted! Problem is that after the shower, I towelled off, then by the time I was ready to put my shirt on, I was already perspiring - Marie thought I'd not dried off well, but it was the humidity. The shower did feel good and the memory is delightful, but the effect is short!

Today we do some things to celebrate Danny's bday and try to avoid the noise in the apartment - workers are jackhammering tile off floor and wall of an empty apartment nearby . . . they have a permit to use the 'hacker' from 9 AM to 5 PM (5 days a week until the 18th) - the first day there were about three of them going at once - felt like being on the inside of a tooth being worked on by a dentist! Yesterday and today there is just one, but still very hard to even carry on a conversation. We may relocate to the snooker table room - still a bit noisy there, but not as bad.

Enough for now. On to Malayasia tomorrow for a tour bus tour of fishing village and orchid farms, etc. We've heard it is much different there - not clean and 'western' like Singapore.

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