Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Danny's Birthday!!!!!

If you see this in time, remember to send a birthday greeting to Danny either here or via email - it's Aug. 3, 8:15 AM as I write this - still Aug. 2nd in Oregon! We've been doing things around here - some exploring the city, shopping, swimming, etc. - mama and I have a trip to Malayasia planned for tomorrow, then to the airport Friday evening for the long trip home, getting to Portland on Saturday around 3 PM if there are no postponements. It's been quite an experience seeing such a different part of the world, though not really all that different in many ways. Probably much like a major city in the US except the mix of races is mainly Asian (Singaporian, Korean, Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, etc. with a few whites - very few blacks here). It will be good to get back to where the sweat evaporates from the skin!

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