Thursday, August 21, 2008


Where did everything go??

To the shop, of course!

We had planned to be out by Saturday morning, but even though we had help from family and friends, it was 2 PM Sunday before we had everything completely out of the house and were ready to leave. We packed almost everything into the shop at the back of our garage, and loaded both of our cars full. Said good-bye to the house, then headed north.

Probably within a couple of hours our renter/buyers were moving in – very happily. They’ve been living in two camper trailers for the past month.

So the next phase of our life has begun! We started out spending Monday and Tuesday at Beth’s house in Sandy, OR – playing with our grandbabies there, and enjoying Beth and Matt’s hospitality. It was nice to be able to relax after the frenzy of work getting moved. We did go out to pick blueberries (for them and for us) for a couple of hours on Tuesday.

On Wednesday we came to Kim’s house in Vancouver, WA. I made dinner last night after Kim got home from a day at CYT day camp. I also made a yummy blueberry dessert for all of us. We’re going to make this our home base for awhile, so will spend some time today making a space for some of our things in their garage. We’re also going to go look at some apartments today.

Then we’re going to go visit the Cowdens in Seattle and Kathy in Centralia for the week-end. We’ll be back at Kim’s on Monday, and Jim will go drive tractor for his brother for a few days before he comes back and starts job hunting in earnest. The teaching job we mentioned in the last post didn’t happen for Jim. There’s still a possibility of a job at another school… We’ll see what happens. We’re not sure what the Lord has planned for us, but we’re trying to be flexible in the process.
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Melody said...

This is a great way to keep up with the Whittakers! I've never participated in a blog before...

It's been fun seeing how your kids have grown and now have lovely families of their own.

Just remember - one day at a time, that's all we're asked to do. I'll keep praying!
Love, Mel