Sunday, August 31, 2008


THIS is the reason we moved!
THE FAMILY-- almost all were together on Saturday for a weiner roast at the Twist lodge (Beth's house). If Danny and Betsy could have been here, our day would have been complete! We missed them.

Grandma Marie with her sweet little Katie

Timmy, Andy, Joann and Katie, grandma Marie with Donny and Jack.

Donny with Uncle Timmy

Jack helped Donny get a drink.

Jack with Auntie Jo

And we finished the day with a leap over the fire! "Beth be nimble, Beth be quick...."

What a fun day we had! I'm sure glad we're here!

Joann got a job at Starbucks and starts on Tuesday, but Jim hasn't gotten a job yet. We're still staying with Kim and Andy in Vancouver, and looking for work, a place to live, a church, a bank, new doctor and dentist, etc. What fun we're having!!


Unknown said...

I so enjoyed your pictures and articles! Thanks for sharing!
The kids are perfectly adorable!

Unknown said...

Marie &Jim
What a precious family you have! Now you are right in the mix with all the kids and gkids, hurray! Keep up your faith walk it is very inspiring. We join you in seeking the Lord's wisdom for the future.

A Servant's Heart In Dixie said...

Makes us want to join you! Wish so much we could be up there; maybe one day in the not-too-distant future, God willing. Don't get discouraged; He has just the right home, job, etc., for you all. In the meantime, we pray for guidance for you. Keep on lovin' on all of those kids!
Mary Lee

Terence A. Ruchaber said...

Hi Marie,
I just wanted to take a minute to check in and read your blog, and let you know how much I appreciate your continued contact, love and prayers on my behalf.
Please add my neighbor to your prayers, Beth is 52 and just diagnosed with stage 4 lung and liver cancer. Also the man I have been dating, Terry, was diagnosed with Leukemia, and needs lots of prayers for more than just his cancer...
I love the pictures and related stories, and all of the happy joyous faces...
As you know, we may have problems and set back in this life, and the scripture tells us that, it also tells us that we have a BIG God! And, that His grace is sufficient.
Love you, lots, Sharon

Terence A. Ruchaber said...

Hi again, Marie:
Sharon Lee, here, from Roseburg, just wanted to let you know that is was me who posted with the name Terence A. Ruchaber. I sat up a blog for him some time back and when I use my gmail account to post on your blog, it shows his.
Have a wonderful end of summer, adn I look forward to hearing of all that God has done in you and your families lives.
God bless~ Sharon